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Why is animal testing necessary as told by the biomedical research education trust.

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Why Is Animal Testing Necessary As Told By The Biomedical Research Education Trust Why is animal testing necessary? Because the whole living body is so complicated that simple laboratory models are nowhere near good enough. Without animal research we would not have made many important discoveries in medicine. If we stop using animals it is difficult to see how future medical treatment and cures could be achieved. Human biology is very like that of other animals. This is why results from experiments with animals apply to people. Most laboratory animals have the same set of organs: heart, lungs, liver and so on which work in the same way as humans. ...read more.


Some animal rights supporters believe that the results of animal research con not be applied to humans. Doctors and medical researchers throughout the world have show many times that this belief is wrong and that animal researching is important for progress in medical science. Animals are very expensive compared to test-tube methods, so researchers always prefer not to use animals. In fact around 95p out of every pound spent on medical research in Britain goes on non-animal methods. Such test-tube methods alone could not develop new surgical methods of techniques for intensive care. Without animal testing surgical operations today would not be as scientifically refined as they are. In practice, animal research, test-tube methods, computer technology and human studies, are used together to tackle difficult medical problems. ...read more.


Secondly the majority of medical researching done will be on products that are either given on prescription or through chemists this means that the product will most likely have been funded through government spending on medication. The answer to my second question mentioned above is that there are only really two alternatives, which are test-tube testing and complex computer models. The computer models are still only used for basic experiments because we still lack the programming technology to write a programme complex enough to give out accurate results. Test-tube methods are widely used because they only require a few cells to give results these are widely used more than animals but even so they have to use animals because you can only see from real life models exactly what is happening. ...read more.

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