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Why was Romeo & Juliet's relationship doomed from the outset

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Why was Romeo and Juliet's relationship doomed from the outset? Romeo & Juliet is a story known around the world for its tragedy, and this tragedy is all to do with Romeos and Juliet's relationship. As Romeo and Juliet get closer and closer more people are caught up in the relationship path and everyone is affected. The relationship is influenced by several different factors. Some of them being, the feud between The House of Montague's and The House of Capulet, the role of fate, the Friar, The Nurse as they are both Romeo and Juliet's most trusted acquaintance and surrogate parents. This is why their relationship is doomed from the outset. I think the main factor that led to the downfall of Romeo and Juliet's relationship were the acts of fate all the way through the play. One of the most significant acts of fate, I think, comes in Act One, Scene Two when the illiterate clown asks for the help of Romeo and Benvolio. ...read more.


This is apparent from the start in the first scene where the third public brawl between the two families, the fight being amongst the youngest family members. This causes the Prince to place the death penalty on anyone Montague or Capulet that starts the next public fight and this or course eventually leads directly to the downfall of the relationship, in Romeo's banishment. Tybalt himself is a great deal responsible for the death of Juliet and especially Romeo. When Tybalt sees Romeo at the Capulet party he is ready to "I not endure him" but old Capulet refuses so Tybalt is pent up with anger and revenge. He sends a letter to Romeo asking for a dual and this is to the death, whereas if Tybalt had removed Romeo from the party Romeo would not have died. So if Romeo didn't, in Capulet's mind, have good reputation, I don't think he ever would have died. ...read more.


And can tell the entire story although Benvolio is the one who confesses all to the watch (the police force at that time). Romeo is extremely lucky to escape the death penalty, and the only reason he does is because he killed Tybalt as vengeance for the death of Mercutio; who was the prince friend and kinsman. But he is banished from Verona's Walls. While everybody says he is lucky to escape death he doesn't see it like that because he sees banishment as worse that death because he'll have to live a life without Juliet which would be more torturous than death ever could be. In conclusion I feel that the main cause to the failure of Romeo and Juliet's relationship were the acts of fate and the actions of Tybalt through out this tragedy. Also the eternal feud between the two families and the strong influences on Romeo from the Friar and on Juliet from the Nurse contribute enormously to the downfall of this hidden romance. Jonathan Pearson 10L ...read more.

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