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Will awoke in a pool of sweat, no shirt on and half the sheet covering his perfectly sculpted body. He sat up, chucked back two pills and got up to see the beautiful body of the one he loved

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English coursework story Ankush Shukla Will awoke in a pool of sweat, no shirt on and half the sheet covering his perfectly sculpted body. He sat up, chucked back two pills and got up to see the beautiful body of the one he loved. Her perfect body slowly moving into a more comfortable position. He walked over to the washroom looking uncoordinated and dizzy. He washed his face with ice-cold water and heard the soft comforting voice of his wife "Come back to bed honey," he looked at her reflection in the mirror and shot a guilty look at himself. When was he going to tell her? He walked dizzily back to the bed and sat on the edge staring at the tattered maroon carpet. She came up behind him and threw her arms around his chest and shoulders, "What's up?" she asked. Will stuttered and then pondered for a moment on whether or not he should tell her, his lip quivered, she spoke again "Honey, is something wrong? Was it something I did?" He felt a spasm of guilt erupt through his body as if someone had charged him with a tazer. "... I love you" he spoke slowly but was cut off half way through "Aww that's so sweet is that what's been -" "Erica let me finish, I love you more than you know but we can't be together..." ...read more.


He was greeted by a stocky, yet handsome man. "Will, I heard, how you holding up?" asked the man, "How did you find out? It only happened a little over half an hour ago..." Said Will looking confused about how and where he had received the information. "Willy my man, have you learnt nothing from your five years here....Will we're the government, we know all!" Will gave some orders to the man, telling him to find a link, a man called Crackey Al. "Got it!" said the assistant taking in everything he had just heard Will say. Will broke off from the rest for a while and went to his office to think. He thought of everything that had just happened, confused by everything he still kept a straight face through all of it, although he felt a lot of hatred inside for Pacino. Will emerged out of his deep thoughts after there was a knock on the door and in came one of the new employees "Sir we've found Cracky Al and all the leads to Pacino sir." Spoke the youth, "Good, park my car out front." Will got up and took his leave along with the youth. Will stepped out of the building with two very large men who both stepped into the large hummer h2 alongside Will and they sped off down the road once again. ...read more.


Will stepped back and the burning sensation spread through Will. The smoke had consumed the room making it very hard to navigate themselves out of it. By the time the smoke had cleared, Pacino had gone. A man burst into the room. "Will Pacino's on the run! We've got him locked!" Will got up and left his limp wife on the bench. He sprinted to the top level of the building with his sniper in hand and began to lock onto the large structure that was Pacino. He aimed at the fully illuminated body of Pacino. Everything fell silent. Time slowed down, and Will took one deep breath and shot into the night. BANG! He had missed, beads of sweat now forming upon Will's face. BANG! He had hit him, but only in the leg. He looked outside of the aimer, watching the drug lord stumble through the wasteland towards a nearing car. He had one more bullet left. BANG! Pacino fell to his death by the car door, blood splattered all over the window. Will stepped over Pacino's body and looked at his blue lips and now pale face, cold and stiff. Will was shaking and feeling numb. His wife ran u behind him and threw her arms around him. They both walked to the car and drove off down the moonlit roads, safe and sound. All was well, but now there was more danger than they knew of. *THE END* ...read more.

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