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William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. The play is set in Verona; it is a play about two young lovers, the children of two feuding families.

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GCSE English/English Literature Coursework William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. The play is set in Verona; it is a play about two young lovers, the children of two feuding families. Because of this feud their love couldn't be declared and wasn't allowed by the two families, the play ends tragically. Lord Capulet is the father of Juliet and is head of one of the most powerful, wealth and influential families in Verona (the Capulets). Lord Capulet is married to Lady Capulet, the mother of Juliet. Lord Capulets relationship with Lady Capulet is that Lord Capulet expects total obedience and support from Lady Capulet, he likes to 'control' Lady Capulet by telling her what to do and he likes to do things his own way. Lord Capulet likes to appear to people as a very confident, gracious man and he likes to say a couple of jokes which highlights his confidence amongst crowds. His graciousness and confidence is shown when at his party he graciously welcomes the guest and cracks a joke with them as well. He appears very sociable as he has a party and invites large number of guests to it, which shows he knows lots of people. ...read more.


Tybalt in contrast is like a young lion eager to punish Romeo's insult of attending his Uncles party and Tybalt is passionate to start a fight with Romeo at the party. He argues with Capulet to let him punish Romeo showing how angry he is about having Romeo here. Lord Capulet has several inconsistencies in his character such as it seems how Capulet feels about the grudge, as in Act 1 scene 1 Capulet was eager to get into a fight with the Montagues but when Tybalt wants to fight Romeo at the party Lord Capulet does seem to want to start a fight. Lord Capulet's decision to marry Juliet to Paris on the Thursday helps add suspense to the drama by change the pace of the play by bringing the wedding foreword and also adds the pressure of time on Romeo and Juliet as it limits the amount of time they have to think things through. He decides to have the wedding so soon because he thinks Juliet will do as she is told. Capulet tells Paris that there will not be a great party after wards because of the death of his kinsman Tybalt and so Capulet tells Paris there will only be a few close friends and family. ...read more.


I think that this due to his shock at Juliet's refusal and due to Tybalt's death and it might just be part of his erratic behavior. This scene helps the audience feel sympathy for Juliet as it shows a father brutally being rude to his daughter which most people would sympathise with the daughter and it all shows Juliet in a bleak position as she is separated from her love (Romeo), being married to someone she doesn't want and being rejected by her parents. At the end of the play I feel rather sorry for Lord Capulet, as he has lost his only child Juliet, he knows he is partly responsible as he was trying to do something she didn't want to do (marry Paris. I also feel angry at Lord Capulet as he just wanted to do what was best for him and not for Juliet and I think he is a fool for trying to get Juliet to do something that she didn't want to do. I think that the public apology could just be an act and that the feud will return as I think both families Capulet and Montagues will go on to blame each other for their child's death. ...read more.

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