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Willy Russel - Educating Rita

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Matthew Morrison Willy Russell writes that, "Education gives you a choice" Explore the ways he uses the character of Rita to portray this view of education. In this essay I will write about: the effects of character and action; dramatic devices and structures; language, ideas and themes; ands social, economic and historical content. These will all assist me to see more clearly whether or not education gives a person choice. To me, education is a window of opportunity, which equips me to achieve the best I possibly can. It is there to provide me with crucial information, which is like a torch to help me through the tunnel of life. Likewise, in the play 'Educating Rita' the author uses the character of Rita in many ways to portray the view that education gives a person a choice. Although Rita knows that knowledge and wisdom is extremely important, it means a lot more to her. ...read more.


Straight away we know from this quote that she is female, and that she is coming to learn in a university for all types of people, from different walks of life. Her coming to the university shows the thirst for her wanting to learn, since it is purely optional it can be seen that she wants to be educated. The author makes Rita a woman because; in those days it would have been harder for a woman than a man to go to university. This enhances the determination theory, showing the extra difficulty for Rita. Also before we meet her we discover that she is studying an English course, "Some silly woman's attempts to get into the mind of Henry James," Henry James is a famous writer, so this indicates that she is coming for English. I believe Russell does this because; Studying and managing a higher education English course takes a lot of organization, discipline, and willpower. This again enhances the determination factor and it makes the reader aware that she is serious. ...read more.


he would have done it." Education has permitted her to be able to understand and complete this. Willy has done this to show her personal progress, and even more plainly, show the reader how education gives her a choice. In the beginning of the play we learn that Rita has changed her name from Susan to Rita "" She has done this because she believes As the play progresses Rita gains the ability to speak Standard English, as appose to colloquial speech, "D' y' need the money?" Which modifies to, "I have merely decided to talk properly." She has been educated to know how to do so; thus by extending her vocabulary and learning the correct grammar she now has a choice to speak as she pleases, which no-one can ever take away from her. In conclusion, it can be seen that the escalation of knowledge and wisdom in Rita, has given her a choice to do what she wants, to say what she says, knowing that she is correct, and can place arguments to support her quotes. With this information, I draw to conclude that education does give a person a choice. ...read more.

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