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Witch It was a cold Wednesday morning. Leah was helping her mum take her medicines.

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Witch It was a cold Wednesday morning. Leah was helping her mum take her medicines. Her mum was seriously ill. The doctor came and told Leah to make her mum comfortable because she was not going to last the morning. Slowly as the morning went, Leah's mum passed away.. Leah felt like it was the end for her. She was a skinny woman with black hair and a fair face. She was a very quite woman. Leah was a lonely woman who kept to her self mostly and now she had no one. She felt so alone. She only had her mother. Days after her mums death, things weren't improving for poor Leah. Everything and everywhere she went, Leah was reminded of her mother. It brought her to tears every time. She needed to get away from her mothers memory so that she could carry on with her life so Leah decide to move from her beloved home. ...read more.


Everyone became suspicious. Leah began getting even more stares now. Finally people began to talk but the town crier called for quite "The individuals died so suddenly. They didn't have any sickness. The girl died in Green Lane she was just walking and passed away so quickly, she just fell down. The man and boy did exactly the same thing. It's so awful but very peculiar," said the crier Leah began feeling dizzy and weak. She didn't like all the talk about deaths so she went home Leah began working with her herbs on something. It was her favourite hobby to work with her herbs every night trying to achieve her goal that she set out to do but she was even more eager to achieve it after she found out about the deaths. She went out that night after she found out about the deaths to work with her equipment She worked many hours with her finest materials trying to get the substances in the bottles just right. ...read more.


The air became very unsettled. Tempers were rising high and the night seemed livid. The wind whistled noisily. The heavy rain was thundering so hard it was like a stampede of animals running. Little children became petrified at the thought of a witch in the village. The heated village crowded around Leah's house. They thundered and shouted at the door. People were going mad with anger everyone wanted Leah dead. Inside the house Leah didn't understand what they wanted with her? She was pale with worry. There was anything she could do so hesitantly she opened the door instantly there were cries of "Witch, witch!" The village people grabbed her and pulled at her. The only think that could be heard that night was "Witch, witch!" They burnt Leah. The livid mob processed to her house to burn her things. The crowd entered her house and found medicines to cure different types of illness. Each bottle was labelled with the cure of a different illness. There was silence. The suspicious people had killed an innocent woman. BY KIRANJEET MATTU ...read more.

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