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With close reference to act 1 scene 5, discuss the theme of fate within Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'.

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With close reference to act 1 scene 5, discuss the theme of fate within Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' The Shakespearean 1594 play of 'Romeo and Juliet' is another of William's tragedy outlooks. Along with Macbeth, A midsummer night's dream and King John Shakespeare contradicts the two great themes oh his time, using fate and tragedy as the triumph and fall of his characters. During Romeo and Juliet he introduces the idea (thought to be very prominent at the time) of fate of the skies. Shakespeare crosses over the lovers starts at birth, to force the rest of the play to be tragic, with no hope of success because of it. He leads into the fate having Romeo and Juliet on opposing families of Montague and Capulet who despise one another. Due to this outcome of Romeo and Juliet being in a circle of fate, the play is a product leaned towards that rather then a conventional Shakespearean tragedy. The play starts at a brawl between the two enemies and their people showing their hatred for each other and sets the scene for Romeo's hart broken thoughts afterwards about him and his love Rosaline parting. ...read more.


But as Romeo takes a look around at the Caplet party they attended that evening he finds another beautiful lady and forgets all about Rosaline. This brings out the side of his young immature thinking and that he was impatient with love at the time to be in love with two separate girls in one night. Romeo did not even compare their values but shot away from Rosaline and into the forbidden love with Juliet without thinking. At this time it is where the play finally opens up towards more characters and their relationships with others and this lands of Juliet. Being the daughter of the Capulet 'King' and 'Queen' Juliet did not expect to see her parents that much in the loving way she would've liked but just to conform to their commands as any other Capulet would've done in that day. So she is shown to have this relationship with a nurse who hired to take care of her. But to be able to have that bond it opens the mind to believe that the nurse may have wanted a baby but could not have one for many reasons and would treat Juliet as that child. ...read more.


Tybalt's death was to come afterwards when Romeo's anger filled up inside at seeing his best friend killed but then banishing himself from Venice to Mantua which again evened out his survival and hope of his relationship with Juliet. Juliet's parents were still unaware of Romeo and Juliet's marriage and put forward her date to be wed to the bachelor Paris which they had created a liking to at the same party the two star-crossed lovers did which wouldn't have happened if Juliet had got to him first. From this event timed to be soon after Romeo had been banished Juliet decided to stay with her love and take a sleeping potion to step pass the wedding and fool all but the friar to be dead. This was also to fool Romeo as he did not receive the letter to inform what was happening and led to kill himself for their misfortune and then staring fate right in the eyes at nearly making it when Juliet awakes but was too late for the lovers and she too kills herself. Making the path free for the end of the feud between their families and to help lead a better life for everyone else. ...read more.

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