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With reference to the texts that you have studied thus far, discuss the ways in which writers have made their characters interesting.

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With reference to the texts that you have studied thus far, discuss the ways in which writers have made their characters interesting An author is able to make characters interesting using several different methods. Characters could be developed using contrast, to make his/her personality more evident. There could be contrast with other characters concerned, to create two extremes. Characters could also be made to stand by placing the character in a setting s/he is not familiar or comfortable with. It is possible to establish a relationship between characters, from which interest can arise. Authors will also make their characters appeal to the reading, possibly making it easy for the reader to relate to the character, or create a very unusual character with habits the reader would not find normal. ...read more.


This was Zola's explanation for her passionate fits, and lustful behavior. Again Zola used contrast to better realize the character of Therese, using Camille. He was differed from her in many ways, and having the two in such close proximity for a long time emphasizes their temperaments. Camille was sickly and inactive as a child, which would have been the exact opposite of Therese who was strong, and would have been active had it been possible. When they both had grow-up, Therese remained quiet, and seemingly indifferent. Camille wanted to be involved with everything, was extremely egotistical and oblivious to everything surrounding him. Although these personalities aren't exact opposites they are very different, contrast greatly, and are both at extremes. In "An Instant in the Wind," by Andre Brink similar techniques are used to make his characters interesting. ...read more.


Adam remained loyal throughout the book, and it appears that Elizabeth betrayed him. The positive qualities of both Adam and Elizabeth were exemplified in their relationship, and shortcomings in its end. In both these books readers were able to form opinions on theses characters. In my experience these opinions were strong, and it seemed as though readers were speaking of real people. Bringing characters to life, and making them believable is largely responsible to how interesting character can be. If the reader can relate to the character, it is very possible interest can be shaped. Successful authors are able to use a number of different ways to make their characters interesting. Interesting characters are a vital element to a good book, as they are the very core of which stories are often times based on. The elements that make characters interesting, also contribute to interest of the book as a whole. After all, if a book's characters weren't interesting, we wouldn't be discussing them. ...read more.

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