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With reference to Unrelated Incidents and Search for My Tongue, how do the poets express pride in their identity?

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With reference to Unrelated Incidents and Search for My Tongue, how do the poets express pride in their identity? Unrelated Incidents, by Tom Leonard, is a poem about attitudes towards non-standard accents and dialects and how people are portrayed by the way they speak. In this case, the character speaks in a Glaswegian accent and is pretending to be a news reader, making the point that just because he does not use Standard English, as newsreaders do, does not mean that he is not trustworthy to read the news and tell the truth. Search for My Tongue, by Sujata Bhatt, is a poem about how she may have lost her original language while she was studying English at a university in America. Being her mother tongue, she comes to terms with her mother tongue and remains with her in her dreams. As the mother stays close to her in her dreams, it will always be a part of who she is. ...read more.


Unlike Unrelated Incidents, it is only the heart of the poem, her dream, which has been written in a phonetic transcript. Being at the heart of the poem emphasises the fact that her mother tongue is close to her. Her confidence of being a part of her culture is emphasised by the fact that she has physically written her mother tongue at the heart of the poem, Gujarati script. She clearly is not shy of writing down Gujarati script, even with her experience of alienation. Both Tom Leonard and Sujata Bhatt's poems literally capture the reader's attention by directly addressing them and stand their ground, defending what they are trying to say. Tom Leonard addresses the reader directly by referring to them as "scruff" in Unrelated Incidents. People would call the speaker a "scruff" because of his accent but he's calling the reader a "scruff" because of their accent, being very ironic, standing his ground and defending against how people would judge him by his accent. ...read more.


She challenges the reader, portraying the message of struggle between two languages. This is made obvious by her disturbing image of disgust, "what would you do if you had two tongues in your mouth." Her struggle and difficulty is emphasised by the hard-hitting consonants of words, "would", "had" and "could". Both poets, Tom Leonard and Sujata Bhatt, have shaped the poem in different ways to convey different meanings. Tom Leonard has shaped Unrelated Incidents very thin and narrow, identical to an autocue, with the character being a news reader. Additionally, the shape of the poem conveys the narrow mind of people who judged people by their accents. This, again, emphasises the idea of the speaker defending and standing his ground, challenging the reader, showing power, showing pride in his identity. On the other hand, Sujata Bhatt has shaped Search for My Tongue in a way where the lines reach out, rather than being very isolated like in Unrelated Incidents. This shows an image of growth, the image of her mother tongue dominating her foreign tongue, showing pride in her identity. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dhruvil Tank ...read more.

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