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Women in Frankenstein

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´╗┐Kasi Goshinsky 9/19/12 First year Seminar Pomphrey The women that are depicted in Mary Shelley?s story Frankenstein can be best compared to the role of women in the 19th century. Women were completely controlled by the men in their lives, to sum up how women were treated. The women in the novel are treated as property and have little rights compared to the male characters. Shelley?s combination of suffering and death of her female characters represents that in the 1800?s it was okay. The three women characters Caroline, Elizabeth, and Justine all show many examples of how their roles in the novel were not important. ...read more.


Obedience can also be seen in the relationship of Victor and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is described like, ?The saintly soul of Elizabeth shone like a shrine-decorated lamp in our peaceful home. Her sympathy was ours; her smile, her soft voice, the sweet glance of her celestial eyes?? (Shelley 45). What makes Elizabeth attractive is that she does everything that is asked by her man. Victor claims Elizabeth as his own, All praises bestowed on her, I received as made to a possession of my own? (Shelley 44). He treats her as if she is something he can have, and not like another human. ...read more.


Elizabeth?s mother Caroline acts similar to her daughter they are both gentle. Caroline becomes ill when she aids Elizabeth to recover from a bad case of Scarlet Fever. Caroline ?Died calmly; and her countenance expressed affection even in death? (Shelley 50). Caroline remains gentle and proper free from anger on her deathbed. Where Victor is extremely ill tempered. ?My temper was sometimes violent, and my passions vehement? (Shelley 45). The men characters expect woman characters to be gentle to offset their violent nature. Shelley?s women characters are seen throughout the story as unimportant, there are on events that make them seem otherwise. They women are to do as they are told, and to always stand by the men in their life. They were treated as property and deprived rights just like the women in the 1800?s. ...read more.

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