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Write a conversation between a director and the actress playing Juliet discussing how should act in Act 3 Scene 5

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Write a conversation between a director and the actress playing Juliet discussing how should act in Act 3 Scene 5 Director: This scene begins with Romeo leaving after he and Juliet have spent their wedding night together. Juliet is in mixed emotions as the scene begins because she is longing for Romeo to stay with her. She is distressed because she knows that she will have to wait a long time before she can see Romeo again but she is also very blissful because of the night the two of them have just had together. In her first line "Wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day" she will be trying to convince Romeo to stay in bed for a little while longer because she is so happy that she is spending this time with him. You should speak thee lines with a persuasive tone almost in quite a sexual way to see if that will encourage Romeo to stay a little bit longer. However, when Romeo is persuaded and talks about how he would stay with her until her father killed him, Juliet turns back to her practical ways and says that it is time for him to leave. ...read more.


They way you say lines 93-102 should begin slightly frenzied to think of the right way to prevent this from happening but calm into her grieving form once she has done this. Stand up while you say these lines because this is a symbolic action of trying to prevent something from happening. Juliet: My mother tells me that I am going to be married to Paris to try and lift my spirits what should my first reaction be like, because only me and the audience know that it would be against everything I believed in to go through with the marriage. Director: I think that you should be stunned to silence and whisper your first words which react to this "Now by Saint Peter's Church and Peter too" as you finish your speech your voice should grow louder and more hysterical because you know how dreadful your situation has become. You should turn your back against your mother as if you are trying to block out what she is saying. ...read more.


You want the nurse to think that you agree with her and so don't want to talk with her any more. As far as you are concerned the nurse need no longer be around as she has lost all your trust. After the nurse leaves you have a speech to the audience about how angry you are. You should say "Ancient Damnation" in a tone you have never used before in the play. You are so betrayed and irate with the nurse that you have to let your anger out. You let the audience know that the Friar is the only person you can have faith in as he was the one who married you and Romeo not so long ago, and so you are going to him to find out a solution to the problem. In your last lines of the scene you let the audience know that you are willing to end you life than to go through with your parents wishes and I think you should say the last line in an intense tone which shows how serious you are about everything. ...read more.

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