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Write a magazine article aimed at teenager persuading them to exercise more.

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Write a magazine article aimed at teenager persuading them to exercise more. For too long now the health of our countries teenagers has been in server decline. Research this week from the University of York showed that 29% of the countries younger generation are obese and a breath taking 12% of under sixteens are suffering from a heart related illness as a consequence of their weight. Are you one of them? Are you one of the the teenagers who goes home after school each day and scoffs your face full of fatty foods? Are you one of the teenagers who say you're in love with football but never actually play it: instead choosing to use a games console? ...read more.


Obesity is a disease that causes great strain on the heart and as a result: suffers put their life at risk eveyday. Regular exercise will reduce your chances of getting the deadly disease and also lower the effects and help you to recover if you already have it. It's simple: exercise saves lives! If that's not enough persuasion for you to drop that TV remote and run 30 laps around your garden then you're a tough customer, but don't worry: I have just the ticker for you. What's the most important thing to a teenager of today? Is it money? Is it grades? Or what about popularity amongst the opposite sex? Well there's no turning away from the it: looks and sexual appeal are very high up on the list of teenagers priorities. ...read more.


Statistics show that teenagers who don't participate in any form of exercise are 10 times more likely to develop depression as appose to those who do. That's alarming and can have disastrous consequences: suicide being the ultimate. Doing exercise isn't all hark work: there's a social side to it too. You can meet new friends, friends that become best friends and who knows, friends that become more than best friends. The possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for? Get out and there and do some exercise. It's simple! The rewards you reap from all this are second to none: you'll be meeting new people, getting a better look and most importantly of all, pro long your life. You don't want to end up on a hospital bed clinging on for life, do you? Make a change before it's too late. Believe me: it's worth it! ...read more.

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