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Write a magazine article comparing Goldmember to Goldfinger and how it satirises the film genre

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Has Goldmember struck gold, or has it failed to meet the gold standard? Goldmember Directed by: Jay Roach Written by: Mike Myers, Michael McCullers Featuring: Mike Myers, Beyonce Knowles, Seth Green Released:2002 Goldmember set out to spoof the iconic, and possibly one of the best Bond films, Goldfinger. Is Goldmember 24 carat gold or is Goldmember purely fool's gold? The first thing I will say is the two films are vastly different, although they do follow some plot similarities. Goldfinger is classic Bond, the suave debonair Connery silkily charming ladies and thwarting baddies' dastardly plans; while Goldmember is classic spoof, the nerdy looking Myers charming ladies with his mojo and jokes. The thwarting of the baddies seems to take back seat to the jokes and double entendres, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Goldfinger follows the traditional spy formula: An evil megalomaniac with his own henchmen tries to take over the world and an agent is sent to stop them. A car chase soon follows and the spy is captured but miraculously escapes this near death experience. ...read more.


Always seen in a suit, Bond never seems to reveal what his plans are, and his sleek yet stealthy DB5 finishes this disguise. Powers is the loud, ostentatious and joking spy. Dressed in his purple velvet he's always more interested in the ladies than in his job. He stands out in the crowd and with his Union Jack adorned Jaguar, affectionately called the Shaguar, makes himself known wherever he is. His relaxed attitude is completely the opposite of Bond's serious attitude. This is the most obvious part of Goldmember which clearly satirises the Spy genre. However they are both spies from the 1960s and both share similar attitudes to women; as sexual objects. You can tell because they both use women to get to the antagonist; Austin seduces Foxy while James seduces Pussy. In Goldfinger the plot is packed with small puns, but they never seem cheesy or obvious and it takes some detailed watching of the film to catch these out. Goldmember is packed with puns such as when Austin says that, 'He doesn't use gadgets...outside the bedroom'. ...read more.


In Goldmember Nigel Powers still has time to flirt with Foxy Cleopatra before he is rescued, therefore trivialising what otherwise would be a serious scene. There are countless more ways in which Goldmember satirises Goldfinger, such as the role of mini - me as a henchman for Dr. Evil compared to the hulking figure of Oddjob; and the mockery of Goldfinger's lush private plane is hilarious as Dr. Evil gets about in his exclusive Submarine, powered by little kicking feet and there are no prizes for guessing where the tractor beam comes out. On the submarine it also highlights the seemingly invincible protagonist when Nigel Powers - instead of beating up the 'anonymous henchmen'- explains how he would defeat them and what the henchmen should do to avoid this. This is very clearly a joke on the invincible Bond and his always victorious skirmishes over the henchmen. It would take to long to name all the comparisons between the two films but rest assured, all of them are excellently planned with side-splitting consequences. Countless references to popular media pop up in Goldmember making it more relevant to today than Goldfinger, which of course it would seeing as Goldmember is much more modern. ...read more.

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