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Write about the function of inspector Goole in the play. How does J. B Priestley use the Inspector to bring out the messages of his play?

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GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE COURSE WORK Write about the function of inspector Goole in the play. How does J. B Priestley use the Inspector to bring out the messages of his play? In this essay I am going to discuss the function of Inspector Goole in the play and how J. B Priestley used the Inspector to bring out his messages regarding social responsibility. 'An Inspector Calls was written in 1945, just after the Second World War. It is set on a spring evening in 1912, part of the Edwardian era. The play was written by John Boynton Priestley who was a socialite'. Throughout the end of the play the question is left in the mind of the audience, 'Who is the Inspector'. Some suggestions state the whole play was a dream. Some say that that the Inspector was a ghost who represented the minds of people who believe in socialism. This is because of the name 'Goole' is a pun with 'Ghoul' meaning ghost. Others think that the Inspector is a time traveller. Some say that Inspector Goole is Eva Smith. People think that Eva Smith disguised herself as a man to the Birling family. If they accepted responsibility she will live, if they did not accept responsibility then she would kill herself. I think this is not the case because if the Inspector was Eva Smith she would want revenge on the Birling family for making her life such a misery. ...read more.


What Priestley is trying to say, through the Inspector, is that what ever status you have in society, what ever class you are in, we are all responsible for each other. Priestley is trying to say that in our society there is no difference between the rich and the poor 'we are all members of one body'. When we say one community it doesn't matter whether the rich and poor are mixed together it still makes one community. This is what Mr and Mrs Birling did not understand. They believed that the lower class people we beneath them and they were not part of 'their society'. This is what Priestly was trying to portray in his play. The hidden title of the play was not 'An Inspector Calls' but 'Social responsibility Calls'. What I mean by social responsible calls, is that it is about time that people understand what it means to be a capitalist and then be empathetic to those who do not have any friends or family who feel responsible for them. Priestley wanted us all to know that what ever we do and say will, by chance, affect the lives of others. The Inspector's last address uses the features of a political speech. In a political speech things are sometimes listed in threes. For example the famous Gettysburg speech 'Government of the people, by the people, for the people' In the Inspector's last speech he uses this same technique. ...read more.


For the reason that there is confusion for where the boarder is where we should 'mind our own businesses or 'get involved'. An example of this is the attempted murder of a young lady at a tube station. A man tried to kill a lady with a knife, but because one man who was passing by managed to jump on the attacker the lady was saved. An example of when people chose to 'mind their own businesses' is when children get kidnapped. If some one would have intervened maybe Holly and Jessica would be still alive today. If we were all capitalists the question would be left 'If only'. Examples are, 'If only I would have called the police when I constantly heard loud cries at night next door', 'if only I would found help when I saw that young lady bleeding to death'. If we all felt socially responsible for each other then the guilt would not be left on us. In the case of Sheila it is, if only I had known, I would not have gotten Eva Smith fired. This is what I believe J. B Priestley was trying to portray in An Inspector calls. We all know what happened on that tragic, September 11th 2001. It happened all the way in New York; however it has affected us here in London, for the reason that we might suffer in war. 'If men will no learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish' Michael Agyei 1 ...read more.

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