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Write about the way John Proctor struggles to find the essential goodness in himself and show how he changes in the course of the play.

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Write about the way John Proctor struggles to find the essential goodness in himself and show how he changes in the course of the play. At the beginning of the play we see Proctor With Abigail talking and their talk indicates that he has had a sexual affair with her. "I know how you clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion whenever I come near!" From this we see that john proctor is may not be as good and as pure as the village think him to be. However his wife Elizabeth certainly knows john is not an entirely good man at this point. There are other indications that john is not a good man in the entire scene other people see him to be. John lies about his reunion with Abigail to Elizabeth he says that she and he were together with people, but when it comes to reality he has to confess he was with her alone again. John proctors other major fault is his selfishness. John Proctor a farmer and village commoner is faced with an inner turmoil. ...read more.


Also as we know that John proctor forgot one commandment, he did remember nine of them. This does signify a good man in a number of respects, he should have ideally known all ten but John has many other things on his mind his land and animals for example. John proves his goodness also by acting loyal to his wife, even though in the past Proctor has betrayed her and hurt her his affection for her and his protectiveness evades all others. John also tries to do the right thing for his fellow villagers, he tries to petition for them to be released but to no avail. John does not want to see innocent people die in from of him and later with him, all because of some silly children. John does try to do the right thing but usually battles within himself o decide these things. Johns final struggle is in act four when he has to chose whether or not he wants his confession published. He has to chose whether to die a martyr or live with the fact that he will have his name slandered. ...read more.


Proctor weighs both sides of his internal conflict and realizes that he must not make another mistake. He therefore, prescribes himself to death, not for his own sake, but rather for the sake of the others. As John dies Liz weeps saying " He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it away". leave me my name. John feels strongly about having a good name and not dying with a bad one. The choice John Proctor must make is between saving either himself or society. His failure to do good initially allows events to get out of hand and eventually forces him into a position where he must make a choice. Miller suggests that in such times good can only triumph through a sacrifice upon the altar of society, that the crisis might only be able to be rectified by the death of those who struggle to uphold society's values. The death of John Proctor, though it might seem a tragic waste, is necessary, both for his own personal redemption and that of his society. John now goes willingly to his death. He is a man triumphant over his foes, willing to die. 955 Words ...read more.

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