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Write an essay about Pip and Magwitch's relationship, concentrating mainly on the section when Magwitch returns from Botany Bayonwards

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Billy Quelcutti 11 BR Write an essay about Pip and Magwitch's relationship, concentrating mainly on the section when Magwitch returns from Botany Bay onwards, though you should briefly touch on the opening of the novel respond to Orwell's assertion in his essay (Charles Dickens) that Pip maintains an abhorrence for the convict. Magwitch is introduced to Pip as a shock, at first he come across as being manipulative and seems to be intimidating and oppressive. Pip and the readers have illusory images that Magwitch is malign, but he is not the villain he has been made out to be. Murderous intentions are given by Magwitch which are misleading. The way Dickens describes Magwitch shows us that he feels sorry for him. Magwitch only seems cruel because of his hardships. The boy reacts to Magwitch in a fearful and terrorised manner and obeys Magwitch's every word. It looks like he enjoys torturing people, "Bring me the food or I'll have your heart and liver out", but really he is just ravenously hungry. Magwitch threatens Pip in order to get himself food. Pip has an impressionable mind and is easily manipulated. ...read more.


Pip shows prejudice towards convicts even though Magwitch shows the highest generosity for Pip. There is an antithesis, Magwitch's generosity contrasted with Pip's snobbish selfishness. He tries to find a way how to tell Pip how much he loves him. Pip is an inspiration to Magwitch. Pip sees things in a materialistic way. Magwitch judges Pips appearance and doesn't see Pips ingratitude. Pip is the epitome of ingratitude. Pip shows prejudice and repugnance towards Magwitch. Pip does show sympathy for Magwitch because he offers him a room. Pip feels guilty for Magwitch because he risked his life just to see Pip. Pip recognises he should feel love for him. Pips heart tells him to love Magwitch but his head tells him to show abhorrence. Pip now realises how stupid and how snobbish he was to desert his best friend Joe who was so loyal and caring towards Pip. Magwitch teaches Pip to be a thoughtful person, if it wasn't for him he wouldn't have even thought about Joe. Pip has deep remorse now because he realises that if Magwitch is caught and executed that he will be to blame for this. Pip redeems his past by exaggerating the damage he has cause to Joe and Biddy. ...read more.


Pip is willing to company Provis out of the country. Pip pleases Provis in a small sentimental way by simply saying "goodnight". Provis sees Pip as his faithful helper. Magwitch begins to have illusions of he and Pip in a foreign country. Magwitch only feels happiness in this short space of his life, Pip realises what freedom is to him and acknowledges that he has risked everything for a short period with Pip. Pips last lesson he must learn is that you cannot foretell the future. When they are suspicious of the fact they are being watched and followed Magwitch is so content he doesn't even care one bit. Pip comforts Provis. Pip now calls the convict his real name Magwitch instead of his cover name Provis, he now completely emphasises with him. The name shows sincerity. All of Magwitch's bad fortune comes from the bad work of Compeyson. Pip says he must stay with Magwitch in his time of need he says this in a responsible way. All Pips repugnance towards Magwitch has gone, "For now my repugnance to him had all melted away...". This proves Orwell to be wrong because he now only shows the highest affection for Magwitch and now loves him like a son would love his father. By Billy Quelcutti. Words = 1 230 ...read more.

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