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Writing to Describe, Narrate, Imagine: "Your Dream House"

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´╗┐Name: Examination Year: 2012 School:English International School of Padua Teacher Code: Centre Number: ID008 Word Count: 1206 Examination CIE 0500 Assignment 2: Writing to Describe, Narrate, Imagine Your Dream House Have you ever wondered what your dream house of the future might be? What about a futuristic style with a High-Tech design, a warm feeling of nature and a soft, sandy, beach? Imagine if your bills were low and that you could relax and have fun while somebody else is doing the work for you. Nothing becomes easier than this! I?ve created a brand new villa which is both technological and eco-friendly. This invention is probably the most wanted in the world out of all families, and I have just built it for you! The dream house has a modern style. Its curved edges and glass-windowed walls make it more than a present day building; it makes it as futuristic as possible. Not only: it has wide stairs and spaceful rooms you have always desired, the polished concrete and marble floors will give you fewer health problems and less maintenance which make your life easier. ...read more.


One room which is in the underground floor has the most peaceful surrounding in the house. There, the view is the inside of the indoor swimming pool. It is like being in an aquarium with soft music, blue lights, a heated bathtub and your lover beside you. In this room there is also a type of ?closed sofa? called a cocoon; it is very futuristic and has a type of roof over it; in it is really comfortable and has a mini TV and a play station. The last room is great for children who love to fantasize in their daily imaginations. It is a new technology released in the USA and this is the first house to have the honor to try it; totally free! It is a gift from AI-Bot factory that also invented the CHAT-Bots (Communicate Handily All Times-Bots). Here, your imagination becomes reality. It is a closed room with plain white walls and no objects around. To start, you put your specialized goggles one, and off you go with your mind! Whatever you visualize in your head will be show in the room as 3D pictures; an amazing invention. The last feature is the antigravity switch which will let you fly around! ...read more.


Well, there is actually a solution to this problem. What, you might say? First of all there will be solar panels placed on the roof so lots of sunlight energy will be used. A new technological advance is the LID battery which can last for very long (approximately twelve years) and is also convenient because it is cheap. Then, when the solar panels and the batteries don?t give enough energy, there will be one windmill outside in the garden and LED lights will also be used. The villa has a garage where there is enough space for five cars to fit in. Included in the prize, you will also be given a car of your choice which has touch and vocal commands. You can even relax during your long journeys around the world because it drives on its own without you having to hold onto the steering wheel! It is only thanks to its highly effective sensors which detect close up cars, traffic lights and most importantly, the road and where it is going. What are you waiting for? It is economical, ideal and remarkable. Don?t miss a chance, make it yours. This is too good to be true; see to believe! Always here to please you. Dream World Company Page of ...read more.

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