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Wuthering Heights

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When will night turn into day? Catherine has left me in such torment. Why is that she's allowed to lie in peace for all of eternity, but I have to stay alive and struggle. Damn you, damn you all. 'Bawling your eyes out won't give you the forgiveness you're hoping for boy,' said a smug voice which I knew all too well. 'Joseph you treacherous lout - begone, I need not any hassle from you.' Stupid interfering fool, why is it always his job to poke his nose into matters not concerning him. 'Gypsy, you may have control over this household, but you will never gain my allegiance. Just know that it's never too late to repent. The best thing Miss Cathy ever did was marry Linton, whereas you, you've got nothing to show for yourself,' retorted old Joseph, him and his preaching. I edged closer towards him, 'Do not talk about Cathy, your lips aren't worthy enough to hold her name.' ...read more.


How am I to live now, knowing that I'll never see her face that brought me both pleasure and pain. Nothing makes sense anymore, if Joseph's God was so fair, I'd be taken before Cathy. I'm the one who has committed more sins - it's me that's the tyrant. I won't allow Cathy to be peaceful whilst I have to struggle. I'm looking around these lonely moors where her laughter used to echo so fondly and the memories just stab back at me, one by one. My soul cannot rest I've got to be with her. Why did she give up on life so easily, does she not understand that she was all I loved? I will now be haunted by her spirit forever; I won't let myself be forgotten by her. If there's no chance of me forgetting, why should she be allowed this privilege? ...read more.


To hell with the rest of the world and their views. 'I've come to Cathy. I need to see Cathy. One last time, that's all I ask for.' The crack in my voice even surprised me, 'Very well, mind you if master found you here, I won't be held accountable for the consequences, follow me.' Nelly led me to where Cathy lay, so serene. 'I'd like a moment alone with her Nelly.' She obeyed my wishes and left the room. It's really true, no tricks, no strings attached - she's dead. I let out my grief in the sobs that followed on. Her locket lay around her neck, I opened it to find a piece of blonde hair - Linton's. She shall remember me in her grave only. I tore a lock of my hair and placed it inside the locket. The only memento she'll have of me now. I gazed at her face again, one last long look. What else was there left to say? Thank you for leaving me? ...read more.

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