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You Got The job

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"YOU GOT THE JOB!" 505 WORDS Probably one of the most stressful events in a person's life is going to a job interview. Job interviews often hold the key to one's future as a functioning member of the adult working world, and so the outcome of an interview can, in many cases, hold remarkable importance in one's life. There are three major stages in the interview process, and they do not all occur at the actual interview. Accepting the interview, getting prepared for the interview, and going to the interview make up these stages, and as you'll see, they are closely linked. The first stage in the interview process is accepting the actual interview. ...read more.


Saying "Thank you for this great opportunity" or "This will be a fantastic opportunity, thanks so much" is suitable as a form of appreciation. During the phone conversation, ensure you get all important and necessary details relating the interview. Avoid blocking out any small pieces of information as a result of excitement. Know who your interviewer is, where your interview will be, and what to bring with you. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will feel the day of the interview. The second stage in the interview process is interview preparation. As stated before, collect as much information as you can before going to your interview. ...read more.


Above all, your clothing should be respectable. Getting prepared for an interview requires a level of mental preparation as well. Confidence is one of the most important attributes when interviewing. Know that you are worthy; you were chosen to interview, so you are needed. You have the credentials for the job you applied to, so never underestimate your abilities. At the same time, exercise modesty. Enter your interview feeling capable, but not over-confident. A combination of self-assurance and humility equals success. Once you have accepted an interview, do not overlook the necessary preparation steps that will help you achieve interview success. Careful planning and a confident self-presentation can be the difference getting and not getting a job. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Walker Gore High School English Comp. I Process Analysis Essay 11*5*09 Mr. McGoran ...read more.

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