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'Your local council is planning some changes and has asked you to write a report of the community facilities available for young people. Write this report and include future steps that should be taken'

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?Your local council is planning some changes and has asked you to write a report of the community facilities available for young people. Write this report and include future steps that should be taken.? Borough of Barnet, Barnet Council Community Report The Borough of Barnet, situated in North London is home to thousands of people, a large percentage of which is made up of youth living in Barnet. This report is the result of an in-depth investigation into the quality and quantity of community facilities that are available for the youth in the present day, as well as an insight into room for improvement. Youth Groups Common community facilities available for the youth include many different youth club organisations, in particular the well-known and popular Scouts and Guides groups, as well as several others. These are situated across the whole of Barnet, many of which are hugely popular and have at least 20 youths attending each group. These groups are often situated in public buildings maintained by the council: public halls, libraries, youth centres as well as spanning to sports centres. ...read more.


Sports Sports are also a popular recreation aspect of a young person?s life, and the number of sporting facilities across Barnet reflects upon this. There are two different sports centres located around Barnet, each containing a range of different sporting facilities which the youth are able to take advantage of, as well as sporting clubs held in these centres. Examples of this include martial arts, boxing as well as tennis. These facilities also enable Barnet to have a sporting identity with teams; Barnet is home to Barnet rugby club, as well as having its own swimming team, the majority of which are made of Barnet?s youths. The sporting facilities currently in place allow youths across Barnet access to a wide range of different sports, enabling them to communicate with other youths as well as for recreational purposes. A survey done for the purpose of this report suggests that 60% of teenagers are happy with the wide range of sporting opportunities on offer, however 90% indicated that they were not happy with the hygiene aspects of the facilities, with one teenager (aged 15) ...read more.


However, many comment on the lack of availability of some books, and the books that are available are often worn out. A poll conducted by this investigation indicates that many would like to see the council invest into more new books, as well as extra computing facilities as the libraries can often become crowded after school times with both adults as well as young people such as students visiting the library. Room for Improvement While Barnet and its council have already made a huge step towards providing a range of community facilities for young people, there are still improvements that can be made, the most important possibilities including the health issues related to older buildings as well as hygiene in public facilities. Much of the youth in Barnet enjoy using these facilities, and it is essential to ensure that they can continue doing so while remaining safe at the same time. Overcrowding of some of these facilities is also a big issue, and the council is recommended to invest more money into expanding existing facilities in order to provide better services for today?s youth. ...read more.

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