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"Youth is wasted on the young."

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"Youth is wasted on the young." We all stereotype, and we can all be prejudice. The elderly sometimes see a teenager and automatically assume they are troublemakers who hang around the streets at night, which is not always the case. Most teenagers perception of the elderly is that they ramble in their talk get in the way and are rather helpless. When can you really class yourself as old though? To me I would say it's when you retire. Your life changes completely, you have a lot more spare time since you're not working. Life becomes relaxing and care free. Although old age can be relaxing, I personally am not looking forward to it, I prefer to be young. It seems life will become harder, forgetfulness, your body is weaker, and therefore it's harder to move about. Also in this country the elderly are not treated as well as in others, Countries such as Italy and India. There the elderly are looked up to and treated with utmost respect. When they grow old and become incapable of doing certain things they are taken care of and are looked after by their younger generations. In the U.K grandparents are often just sent away to a retirement center, because their own family cannot be bothered to look after them. ...read more.


She describes her father in quite a negative manner, and at times nearly mocks him. She speaks about how old age affects their relationship. She describes the things he is no longer capable of doing. She moans about him and is very cynical about him. Towards the end she mimics him, "you said to me, but only as a cloud". Throughout the poem the weakness of the old man is repetitively mentioned. Showing now how he has become weak and incapable in his old age. The persona in "Warning" is just one woman talking about herself. She is a strong willed and independent woman. She wants to "make up for the sobriety of her youth. She will act reasonably for now, to "set a good example for the children", but when she becomes old, that will be her rebeliion. She is very positive about old age, and focuses on all the good points of old age, like the freedom. Jenny Joseph has self-determination, whereas the "Old man in Old man" seem to have nearly given up in his weakness. The poets use language in contrasting ways to express their ideas and opinions of old age. "Old man Old man" begins with a stanza in the past tense. Describing the way he lives and is. ...read more.


"Youth is wasted on the young". After analyzing both poems "Old man, Old man," and "Warning". I think that "Warning," argues this title more than "Old man Old man". As she speaks of how she will do youthful things when she grows old, so it is not wasted on the young. I myself preferred "Old man old man". I preferred the seriousness of it, as "Warning" was in quite a childish tone. I found it interesting to see the relationship of the father and daughter, and her mocking of him was quite humorous. "Warning" was more like a big list of juvenile things she wanted to do when she was old. The two personas are at crossroads in their life, the turning point of becoming old. "Old man Old man" is how becoming old is a negative thing, how you become incapable of certain things. "Warning" is how she will enjoy her liberation of old age. I contend that "Old man, Old man" is a more accurate description of how life will be when old age attacks. I would prefer for it to be how jenny josephs perception of old age is, but as you grow old, as I said earlier, you become incapable of things. Like memory loss and moving about. "Old man, Old man" shows this. In "Warning" she is still young and does not know how it really is to be elderly. ...read more.

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