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2007 Flood report

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Flooding in the UK - 2007 Due to the large amount of rain this summer, met office figures suggest that this has been the wettest summer since records began in 1914. The provisional figures show that this summer there was 358.5 mm of rain narrowly beating the record of 1956 in which we had 358.4 mm of rain fall. The main cause of this flooding was an unusually southerly jet stream. A jet stream is a band of very strong winds, these determine weather systems across the UK. For most of summer 2007 the jet stream was further south and a lot stronger than usual. This shows the jet stream in the Atlantic in summer 2007, in the summer the jet stream would normally travel north of the British isles and a lot high pressure to build drawing in warm dry weather. ...read more.


When the river Severn burst its banks in Gloucestershire seven people died, and more than 350,000 people were left homeless and without clean water due to the water works being flooded. In hull a 28 year old man man died after becoming stuck in a drain, rescuers were unable to free him. Also two people died in Sheffield, the body of a 13 year old boy has been found after he was swept down a raging river. A 68 year old man drowned after getting out of his car during floods. A massive operation was launched in Gloucestershire trying to supply people with fresh water and medical supply's. Meanwhile in West Oxford the flood water has been started being pumped away electrically. ...read more.


The price was also a major problem as the major insurers in Britain said that the bill could reach �2 billion. It was said that an estimated �1 billion a year was needed to improve flood defences. The loss of crops, also has an impact on livestock as many farmers may not have the ability to feed them over winter. This along with the rise in fuel cost is expected to cause inflation. Some of this flooding could have been prevented as the Scottish executive budget for 2006/07 showed that �17 million was set aside for flood defences and was not used. Flood prevention such as walls along parts of rivers that are likely to burst their banks in heavy rain would be a very good step to help prevent flooding. This would help county's that are alongside rivers most such as Oxford. Main sources: www.bbc.co.uk www.wikipedia.org www.google.co.uk/images Chris Wilde ...read more.

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