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Canada's Fresh Water

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This paper will set out to provide arguments against the selling of Canada's fresh water. Water is one of the earth's most abundant and reliable resources. It replaces itself in a never ending cycle of evaporation and precipitation, but only one tenth of one percent of the world's water is suitable for human use. This essay will cover topics including why water is important for the human being, how much water Canada has, what Canada should do with that water and other issues surrounding Canada's fresh water. Water is a basic requirement of life, not only for people but for every type of plant and animal as well. Water accounts for about 65% of our body weight. If we lost as little as 12% of it, we would soon die. Many people think it makes no difference how much water we use or what we use it for. Actually, the way we use water is very important. Water quality is everybody's business because ultimately we all draw water from the same resources. Those same resources, as we all know have been replenished over and over again. We are now aware of limits to the reuse of water, when and where it is returned to nature diminished in quantity and quality. Therefore, we must learn to understand water use much better: where we use it, what to measure, what the main uses are, how they compete and interfere with each other, and how to manage the growing competition. ...read more.


Although water quality is generally good, some areas are locally or regionally polluted. While Canada has a relative abundance of fresh water, our water is not where it is needed. Sixty percent of our fresh water flows north to Hudson Bay and the Arctic Circle, and is unavailable to 85 percent of the Canadian population, which resides within a few hundred kilometres of the United States border. On average, 30 percent of Canadians get their water from groundwater and those supplies are compromised by pollution in some areas, and dropping stores in most. Glaciers that feed many western rivers are melting. The rivers are expected to be seriously compromised and face the possibility of drying up when the glaciers are gone, which is not in the far distant future. Some of the great western rivers such as the Peace, the Fraser and the Coldwater are expected to run dry within by the mid-point of the twenty-first century. Global warming is being blamed for an alarming increase in the melting rate of glaciers in Western Canada, leaving less water for drinking, crop irrigation and other uses. This affects the quantity and the quality of our water. Extreme weather events like droughts, storms, floods and ice jams are expected to be more frequent and severe. ...read more.


Bad stewardship is hastening the water crisis. Conservation is not being practiced effectively in many places, including Canada. North Americans use 600 litres of water a day while the average African gets by on 6 litres. Some agricultural practices are putting stress on water tables as well, such as the crops that are being planted and the chemicals that are contaminating the environment. Only one in four rivers in the US have been left safe for fishing. Canada's picture is not much better; for example, Ontario has managed to eliminate 70 percent of its wetlands. In conclusion water is one of the earth's most abundant and reliable resources. There are many reasons as to why Canada should not sell its water, and they can be found in this essay. Water can be described as a human right or a commodity. Canada can either sell it or defend it. By joining with international organizations such as the UN in declaring water a human right, Canada can take part in making sure it is protected, cleaned and readied for use by people who are in need, and not sold to make profit, but shared to sustain life It has been said that water will be "the oil of the 21st century," and that it will cause wars between nations. Whatever happens with regard to global water, Canada will be a major player and the power will pretty much be in out hands. ...read more.

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