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Deforestation in Amozonia.

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Deforestation in Amozonia The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the world largest rainforest with over 30 million different species of plants, animals and insects. The rainforest used to cover of the earths surface but today only covers . This is mainly because some parts of the forest are being rapidly deforested because the forest is so useful to so many people. Deforestation provides benefits for many different companies which wish to make large amounts of money. Also Brazil owes large amount of Depts. and so the government believe that by developing the forest it will help to contribute towards the payment of these depts. Nevertheless it causes many problems for the ecosystems of the forest and the world. Deforestation in Amazonia has led to many conflicts between different groups of people. Some people argue that deforestation has its economic benefits and that developing the Amazon will have benefits for the people and economy of Brazil. However certain groups like world wildlife fund (wwf) are concerned because large amounts of animals and plant are becoming extinct. They argue that it is a global mistake and that in the long term this will only cause more problems for Brazil and the rest of the world. ...read more.


Also in many cases chemicals are used to extract the minerals. These chemicals could then poison the water supplies which large numbers of animals and people depend on. Because of mining the tribes who live in the rainforest have had to adapt to a complete new way of life and therefore the culture and traditions practiced for generations is dying out. Mining also causes noise, air and visual pollution. In order to build the mines thousands of acres of forest have to be cleared. The cutting down of trees will kill countless numbers of vegetation and animals. Because of this the ecosystems of the forest are in danger and many species of plants and animals could face extinction. By reducing the number of trees the level of oxygen decreases as there are not as many trees to give out oxygen. However this increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the trees are not there to take in the carbon dioxide. (Photosynthesis) This uneven outs the balance in the atmosphere and leads to global warming and an increase in world temperature. Although the impact of this is not very obvious today in the future the consequences of this will be very severe as one third of the world's oxygen comes from the rainforest The clearing of trees means there is no canopy to protect the soil from heavy rainfall. ...read more.


Tourism would help the people of Brazil improve their living standards as many more jobs would be created in the tertiary sector. Hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants, tour guides would be needed for the tourist. This would mean that more food is needed therefore the local farmers would also benefit as they would be selling more crops. As there will be more jobs created the people will have much more spare money which they can spend in shops and restaurants. This will cause a multiplier effect as more people will be spending more money. If more jobs are created this will increase the amount of tax money the government is receiving. This money along from the income of tourism could help to improve roads, health care, education and housing. Also it would solve many other problems such as overcrowding in certain places as the people would be reluctant to move away as many new opportunities would be provided. I think my proposal is better than the other uses of the rainforest as it ensures that the rainforest is used in a sustainable way but also benefits the people and economy of Brazil. All the rest of the uses do not at least meet one point. So therefore both the environmentalist and the people and government of Brazil would be content. ...read more.

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Response to the question

The student gives a clear introduction to the question and it is logically structured which helps guide the examiner through their argument. However, I would say that even for GCSE level, there are a few places where there is a ...

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Response to the question

The student gives a clear introduction to the question and it is logically structured which helps guide the examiner through their argument. However, I would say that even for GCSE level, there are a few places where there is a lack of detail. I also do not think the use of "etc" and "I" is appropriate for GCSE. Although some schools overlook the usage of "I", certainly the use "etc" just shows that the student does not know enough about the topic. In such cases, it is better to miss out the "etc" so that it is not flagged up to the examiner the areas of the lack of knowledge. I would suggest focusing on certain aspects of the forest rather than making it so broad if a student struggles to find all the details needed in the given time for the coursework. It is better to have a detailed and focused essay than to have a wide ranging and asserted essay.

Level of analysis

The analysis is good. The student does support the analysis at times even though it may lack depth of knowledge in places. The student evidently understands the topic, but they don't really give specifics to support their statements and generalise too much. This is very common in works of GCSE students. By adding specific details, they can ensure that they get A / A* grades. Their judgement was interesting at the end. I would say that they need to balance their suggestion of opening the Forest to tourism to the negative effects that it could bring such as the native tribes would be disturbed by the new influx of outside influence and cultures (i.e. they could loose their identities) and there could be a loss of habitat due to new infrastructural being needed to accommodate the tourists. Their argument to support their final conclusion was evidently one sided - something which should be avoided at all costs. The student should acknowledge that there is no one solution that is 'perfect' just perhaps better than others depending on the person's view point.

Quality of writing

The grammar is fine. However, the student failed to spell '"debt" and spelt it "dept" instead (at least I believe they are not referring to department which is sometimes shortened to dept). The punctuation is questionable in many areas. There seems to be a lack of the usage of commas after the word "however" (there were certainly clear times when the sentence definitely needed a comma). Also, I question the use of starting sentences with "because". However, this may be due to the schools that I have been to constantly telling me not to start any sentence with "because" - consequently I have got over this by using "it is because".

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Reviewed by crystalclearmagic 22/03/2012

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