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Flooding - What people think in Worcester

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FLOODING: WHAT PEOPLE THINK IN WORCESTER INTRODUCTION Currently flooding is seen to be on the increase due to global warming, and it is estimated that rivers and sea will rise around 1meter in the near future, which will cause many problems as large areas of land will be submerged. Global warming has recently become an issue as flooding seems to be increasing, weather it be in Worcester or Mozambique. Global warning is caused by increasing levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, such as Co2 and CFC's. Global warming increases the temperature of the sea making it expand and therefore sea levels increase, as do river levels. I am interested in studying the impact of rivers flooding in two different areas of the UK. One river being in Somerset and the other in Worcestershire, my local City. I have carried out a group geographical study on how people responded to a catastrophic flood in Somerset in 1952. I have studied the area of where the flood happened and why it was so devastating to a local town and how they responded to it. The flooding in Somerset caused masses of damage, killed many people and destroyed many houses. ...read more.


Question 4 Do you think the Environment Agency do enough to help you? Yes 5 No 14 The people who thought that the Government could do more to help thought that the main thing that could be done was to build a pumping station but, again, the water will find its way back in to the river and cause more flooding. Question 5 What problems do you think may arise in the future for homes in the area? House value depreciation 2 Loss of income 3 Damage to property 3 Can't get any worse 4 Worried about property 5 Insurance will not pay 2 This shows that the majority of people are worried about future damage to their property. The second largest group felt that things could not get much worse than they currently are. Question 6 Estimated age of questionnaire participant 18 - 30 2 31 - 64 6 65+ 5 Business 6 This shows that people in their middle age or businesses occupy the majority of the properties lining the river. This may be because they can afford the insurance more easily and are better prepared for the hassle which young people would not want and would avoid. ...read more.


The River Lynn has had the banks modified so that the water can escape on to the floodplains but, in Worcester, it is so built up that it would be impossible to do this. This project shows that flooding is no simple matter and that there are many problems caused by it; whether it be to do with residents or with local businesses. This problem is not a problem centralised to Worcester as there are people in Gloucester, Stourport and Bewdley who all suffer the same flooding problems. The River Lynn is a much smaller river than the Severn and, therefore, the flooding problem can be resolved relatively cheaply compared to the costs of sorting out the flooding situation on the Severn in Worcester. EVALUATION I feel that the questionnaire answered the problem set very well and that the only way it could have been improved is if many more people had been asked their views. This would have given a broader result. It may also show that the flooding situation causes problems for people who do not live anywhere near the river, as in diverted traffic from blocked roads. I now feel that I understand the flooding situation much more clearly and that this project was a success in proving the inconvenience caused by flooding. Flooding: What People Think in Worcester 1 James Crame 19Dec02 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Physical Geography section.

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