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How to prevent flooding!

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Abby Mills How to prevent flooding! * Reservoirs can be built in the upper parts of rivers to store water. * Making the channel larger, deeper or wider to hold more water before it overflows. * Walls, banks or levees can be built on either side of the river. They are common because they are cheap to build. * Flood relief channels are artificial channels that can be built to take away surplus water and prevent flooding. * River straightening The course of the river is straightened, allowing the river to be free from obstructions and to flow faster. * A flood barrage can be built across a river to protect the community from floods. ...read more.


* Flood plain zoning. Land near the river in the flood zone, called the flood plain, can be protected from certain sorts of land use or building. The meander Erosion in this context means to wear away and remove the material which helps form the meander. Deposition is the material dropped due to the slowing down of water in the meander. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Due to erosion on the outside of the bend and deposition on the inside, the shape of the meander will change over a period of time. Erosion narrows the neck of the land within the meander. ...read more.


* Very high waves (tsunamis) along coastal areas, caused by high winds, tides or earthquakes. Human factors that cause floods: * The collapse of river defences or dams. * A change in the land use affecting the stores and flows of water in the drainage basin. Whilst many floods are the result of heavy rain, snowmelt or high waves and tides, human activity often contributes to some of the most devastating floods. Engineers constantly seek to control the flow of rivers by building embankments, dams and reservoirs or by straightening their courses. Environmentalists argue that this makes flooding worse because it interferes with the natural flow of rivers. Deforestation increases surface run-off, causing river levels to rise more quickly. Soil is washed into rivers more easily, making the channels shallower ...read more.

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