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Improving the Favelas

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What is a favela? A favela is the same as a slum, which is generally found on the edge of the city. Favelas are constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from bricks to corrugated iron. Many favelas are very close and very cramped this is because of the lack of space in the cities so space has to be used to its full capability. ...read more.


From these facilities, sewerage runs through open ditches and eventually ends up in the streets; this is very unhygienic and may cause deadly illnesses. Electricity is scarce and very hard to access. Although many of the most infamous are located in Rio de Janeiro, there are favelas in almost every large Brazilian town. Housing details Middle class Working class Working class (preferia) New arrival (poor) Location in city Close to CBD Periferia(edge of city) periferia 25km from centre(outskirts Housing materials High rise flats Favela Favela(modern) ...read more.


No Electricity yes yes yes No Water yes yes yes Yes sewers yes open yes Open Rubbish collection yes no Roads yes yes yes no Street lighting yes no Shops yes yes no schools yes yes yes no This table shows quality of life in different groups of people in Sao Paolo. Increase in population of Rio (favelas) because? Favelas 25 years ago were like What favelas are like now and how the quality of life has improved? ?? ?? ?? ?? Veer Mehta 25/10/2007 ...read more.

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