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My personal view of what the future possibly holds for Svalbard

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My personal view of what the future possibly holds for Svalbard Svalbard in the future may face many different problems, from all different aspects. For example, its tourist industry may suffer greatly as Global Warming will have an affect on the wildlife and landscape (scenery), Tourism will decrease and therefore this will have an affect on people who work there, as unemployment will increase. In this report, I will be giving my own view/perspective, for what the future will hold for Svalbard, and the most likely and the most pragmatic scenario they will be faced with. I will be mainly focusing on the artic food chain, and how it will be affected by global warming and how this will be cause a number of other problems, e.g. fall in tourism. The wildlife in the arctic will be affected by human activity mainly. ...read more.


This Global heat conveyer not only provides heat for Europe but for Svalbard, but there is a risk that the conveyer may be cut off. This will affect Svalbard, as the temperature across Svalbard will fall, due to the less sunlight available across Svalbard. If the Global Heat Conveyer does cut off, Svalbard will be affected in all aspects in terms of the food chain, wildlife survival, tourism and living in Svalbard. With less sunlight available across Svalbard, the Phytoplankton and Zooplankton will die off as the sun releases the main energy to keep these creatures alive. This will certainly have great effects on the food chain as a whole, as a large number of fish will die, and eventually they will emigrate to somewhere else where there is a lot of sunlight released. ...read more.


Although this may benefit them, the wildlife, this will affect especially on the polar bears; it will disturb their habitat, and by introducing oil and other toxic substances to their environment, they can be harmed. Polar bears can also ingest oil through grooming and through scavenging and preying on contaminated seals, seabirds, and other prey. In my view, if circumstances carry on as they are as present, the Svalbard Islands will become deserted. The main reason for this being the climate change and conditions of the region, which will not be suitable for the wildlife as they are not adapted to these conditions, and to humans due to the change of climate and the lack of food. But although this is my view of what the future may hold for Svalbard, there is no real answer or certainty of what will really happen. Geography Coursework TASK B ...read more.

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