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Oklahoma - history

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Oklahoma Oklahoma is a state in the south south-central part of the United States. Like Kansas to the north, it is a wheat state, and like Texas to the south, it is also a cattle state. On 22nd April 1889 the Indian Territory (as it was then called) in the southwestern part of the United States was opened up for settlement by whites. Thousands of people lined up early to begin the race into the new land as soon as the word was given. ...read more.


In 1943 Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein brought to the Broadway stage the very successful musical comedy of Oklahoma! Which made the state's name a household word. The sometimes larger than life image of Oklahoma was also the basis for much of the humour of actor and comedian Will Rogers, who was probably the state's most famous son. The People of Oklahoma The original inhabits of Oklahoma were Plain Indians, members of the Caddo, Wichita, Pawnee, Osage, Comanche, Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes. ...read more.


There were a number of settelers from China. By the 1980s Oklahomans represented a fairly typical Midwestern society. Facts and Firgures of Oklahoma AREA: 181, 185, square kilometres (69,956 square miles) POPULATION: 3,305,000 (1968) RIVERS: Washita, Arkansas, Cimarron, Wichita, North Canadian, Red River of the South, and Canadian. CITIES: Oklahoma City, 443,172; Tulsa, 374,535; Lawton, 80,020, Norman, 68,020; Enid, 50,363; Muskogee, 40,011. Education The first school law was enacted by the Cherokee in 1832. In 1890 the territorial legislature provide for public (state) schools. The largest of the state institutions of higher education is the University of Oklahoma at Norman, considered one of the finest Universities in the United States. OkLAhOMa ...read more.

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