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Situation Analysis and Problem Statement: Global Communications

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Running head: SITUATION ANALYSIS AND PROBLEM STATEMENT: _Global Communications Situation Analysis and Problem Statement: Global Communications Nestelynn Friday University of Phoenix MBA/500 Mrs. Barbara Nagle Situation Analysis and Problem Statement Globalization, partnerships, competition, employees and new technology can all impact business operations ( AT&T Knowledge Ventures, 2004). Change is a continuous process in the business world which requires preparation and a vision to truly be successful. Global communications has fallen into an economic hardship over the past three years. During these years, Global Communications stock has depreciated by 50%. Now, a plan has been devised to increase profitability, improve employee morale, help maintain a competitive advantage, increase technical support and manage bad PR press. All these steps will allow Global Communications to truly become a Global Resource. (UOP, Global Communications Scenario, 2006) Situation Background (Step 1) Globalization is a process that will allow Global Communications to become one the top telecommunications companies in the world. The globalization process will require lay-offs and outsourcing to gain more advanced technical knowledge. Global Communications must also become competitive by partnering with various companies to offer its consumers a variety of services. Employees' morale will also be tested as outsourcing in Ireland and India begin. Finally, the changes to the telecommunications realms may cause some bad PR press due to the lay-offs that will ensue in the end. Issue Identification Many issues face Global Communications as they move forward with there expansion process. ...read more.


Over the last three years GC Shares have dropped by over 50%. (UOP, Global Communications Scenario, 2006) The Union would like Global Communications to stay loyal to their employees as they have done in the past which will help gain back the good PR press. Employees have given up various benefits to help the company become more profitable, but Global Communications is still willing to lay-off loyal employees instead of training them to be more technical savvy. Stakeholders must realize that the number one priority is to please the consumer and small business customers. Consumers and small business customers deserve to have a variety of services available to them as well as the technical support to back these services up if needed. Problem Definition (Step 2) Global Communications will increase profitability through partnerships, providing the best customer and technical assistance available by outsourcing to India and Ireland, continuing to maintain a loyal employee-company relationship by offering career counseling and 15% retention bonuses, maintaining a good repoire with the Union by including them in all decisions affecting the employees directly. (UOP, Global Communications Scenario, 2006) These solutions will help guide Global Communications to the future but what goals will they meet in the end? End-State Goals (Step 3) Global Communications will once again be a leader in the telecommunications realm by offering local, long distance, satellite and wireless services to its consumers. ...read more.


Opportunity Reduce unit costs by 40% * Details * Global Communications will reduce Unit cost by 40% by outsourcing calls to the new India and Ireland call centers. Opportunity Become a competitor in the Global Technical market * Details * Global Communications will become a competitor in the Global Technical Market with the addition of the advanced technical knowledge of the new international employees Table 3 Stakeholder Perspectives and Ethical Dilemmas Stakeholder Perspectives and Ethical Dilemmas Stakeholder Group Interests, Rights, and Values Ethical Dilemmas Union The union would like to be included in any decisions which directly affect employees. They gave up 20% of education and health benefits to help cut costs for the company. Employee morale has always been a top priority with Global Communications. Global Communications decided to outsource to India and Ireland before notifying the Union. They decided that the best process would be to lay-off loyal employees and hire international employees. Some employees were given an opportunity to relocate for a 10% pay cut. Executives The main goal of the executives is to increase profitability over the next 3 years. In order to increase profitability, executives must layoff loyal employees to make room for new international and technical ones. Consumers and Small Buisness Customers Consumer and Small Business customers deserve to have the best technical assistance available to them. Global Communications will partner with satellite and wireless companies to give them the best services possible. ?? ?? ?? ?? Situation Analysis and Problem Statement 1 ...read more.

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