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The Assassin

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Martin Bialkowski L5Y Mrs Greenhough The Assassin It was a cold winters night in Chicago, with temperatures well below freezing. The streets were concealed by a thick white blanket of snow, and patches of glistening ice were covering the dark alleys where the earlier blizzards had been unable to dump the snow. In the centre of the city was a small park. The park played host to an arboretum of oak and evergreen trees that cast dark, evil shadows, which would have sent cold, creepy shivers up the spine of the average person. If one looked very carefully, one would have spotted a man standing in these shadows, holding a mobile phone. The man was wrapped up warm like any sensible person would in this weather. He gave his origins away when he spoke, using mainly Australian slang he had learnt while growing up with the aborigines he considered family. He had been given a nickname that had stuck, in English, his name was "The Assassin." This was because in his childhood, he was the best, but most savage hunter in the tribe. Now he was contracted to kill humans. He was in his mid thirties, but many would have mistaken him for a younger man. He measured about six foot six, and under his thermals he hid a bronze, and muscular body. He had thick brown hair, hidden by his woolly hat. His eyes were blue, and stood out under his thin eyebrows. His face was well shaved, and at this moment in time looked relentless. He waited for the call to come on the mobile phone that had been earlier switched to the silent mode. Finally he felt a vibration in his hand. He answered the call but didn't speak. The voice at the other end of the line gave him clear instructions. "The club opens at 21.00 hours. I want you to be there at this time. ...read more.


He opened the back door of the car took out the bags and handed them to his boss who went and waited at the edge of the rainforest. The Assassin poured the dark liquid onto the seat of the car, and let it slowly treacle all over the seats. Then he took a lighter from his pocket, light it, and threw it into the car. He fearlessly watched the fire grow, from a small foetus, to the size of an adult human being in the space of a few seconds; he then walked calmly over to his boss, while the fire crackled behind him. "Come on mate, we will wait for them in here. We've got them now." The rainforest was a whole new world. As they stepped inside the forest, the scenery of vast fields of tall sugar cane changed to dense foliage. There were tall thin trees that stretched tens of metres into the sky. There were bigger trees, with tree trunks as wide as a car, and there were small plants, only a couple of metres in height. Little light was let into the forest. The light that the trees allowed through was focused on the ground like a torch being shone on a particular object at night. All the leaves and shrubs were a different shade of green, from nearly yellow in colour, to greens that were so dark they could have been black. The plants left little room for people to walk. Trees were packed so close together in some places that not even the thinnest person could fit through the gaps. Finding a path through the rainforest would be long, and tiring. One would have to have lived in the forest for a number of years to be able to visit the same place twice, by remembering how to get there. As the Assassin led his boss through the rainforest, sounds indicated that they were not alone. ...read more.


"Wait." The boss whispered. He squinted. As the body fell forward, he saw that the Assassin had his hands tied behind his back. The clouds could hold the rain no more. The rain fell from the sky with the force of a building collapsing. It thrashed the canopy of the rainforest, tens of metres above the two members of the Red Fire gang, trying to find a way to get through, to the ground. The lightening threatened once again, followed by the boom of the thunder, boasting its authority. The boss and Goldie were soaking wet, and were about to stand up. Before they moved, they each felt a pistol on the back of their head. "G'day boys. You Americans are a gullible lot. Remember, Chicago was your land, Australia is mine. Do you think for one minute that I didn't know you were after me? You come into my territory, you die mate." The thunder erased the sound of the two bullets being shot. The Assassin bagged the two guns, then walked over to where his old boss, and the gagged Steve, who he had swapped clothes with lay. He took the bosses bag and opened it, shielding it from the rain with his body, yes, that was the money he had wanted, one hundred thousand pounds worth of cash. He emptied the cash into his bag and began to make his through the rainforest, he laughed as he thought how simple the operation had been. The American were stupider then he thought. Towards midnight the rain ceased, and the clouds drifted away, so that the sky was scattered with the incredible lamp of stars. Then the breeze died too and there was no noise save the drip and trickle of water that ran out of clefts and spilled down leaf by leaf to the brown earth of the rainforest. The air was cool moist and clear, and the four bodies lay, waiting to be found, or to stay there forever. 1 ...read more.

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