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The Impact Of the Global Warming On the El Niño/La Niña.

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Form: 4B2 Name: Roger Browne Date: 3rd March 2003 Teacher: Damien Hughes Geography Midterm Assignment- The Impact Of the Global Warming On the El Ni�o/La Ni�a The El Ni�o was discovered in the 1500s when South American fisherman from Ecuador and Peru realised that at a certain time of the year the sea temperature of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, would rise. They called this El Ni�o because it would tend to take place during the Christmas season. As it originates in South America, a virtually Spanish continent the name El Ni�o is Spanish. It means the baby boy. The reason why the named the experience the El Ni�o (the baby boy) is because it represents the birth of Jesus Christ. In 1926, Sir Gilbert Walker, an Indian Meteorologist discovered that atmospheric pressure in the eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere were opposite. When it was high in the west, it was low in the east and vice versa. He noticed that an Australian place named Darwin in the western hemisphere had atmospheric pressure exactly opposite to a small island in the eastern hemisphere called Tahiti. ...read more.


They have been investigating for many years and have come up with a few hypotheses. The have studied the areas thoroughly but still cannot establish a bond between the two. As said earlier El Ni�o was the name South American fishermen gave to Christmas occurrence that caused their fishing waters in the East Pacific Ocean to become hotter than usual and the fishing yields to decrease. The reason for this occurrence was a myth for the natives back then but it is now known why. In regular conditions the trade winds would flow from the lands out to the seas and oceans and would carry with them the surface water of the sea ocean water near the coasts. This enabled upwelling to take place. Upwelling is the name given to the process by which water from the ocean floor rises to the surface with nutrients in it. Fishes and sea animals feed on the nutrients form upwelling. During an El Ni�o upwelling cannot occur. The wind direction changes and that causes the halt of the process. As they cannot get food the marine animals die. ...read more.


The greenhouse effect is the ame given to the process by which the gases allow the sun heat to penetrate through them to the Earth but do not allow the heat to pass back through. This makes the Earth heat. Another example of a greenhouse gas is a CFC (chlorofluorocarbon). It is believed that the Earth's will temperature increase from between 1.34 and 5.76 degrees Celsius in the next century. Records show that the continental temperatures are get higher. The 1990 - 1999 decade has been the hottest decade ever. Records show that the 1990s has been the warmest decade ever. Scientists all over the world agree that Global Warming is happening. Some scientist think that Global Warming will cause the poles to melt. In turn the whole of eastern U.S.A. will flood and also the Caribbean islands. People will be forced to leave their homes. Global Warming has a major negative impact of the Earth. La Ni�a Scientists do not have ample evidence to confirm that El Ni�o/ La Ni�a are related to global warming. So for now the impact of global warming on the El Ni�o/ La Ni�a remains a mystery to mankind. As far as scientists are concerned they don't even know if global warming even has an impact. ...read more.

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