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ACTIVITIES FOR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING NOREEN MAKAYIRI I carried out a number of different activities with a person who has a learning disability; all the activities were effective in every sense to this person as they involved emotional, physical, psychological needs of my service user. I had a number of activities lined up for the day so there was a lot to really work on but then all were split into different times and days so that they could coincide with activities timetable l had. I would like to firstly discuss about cookery activity that was fantastic, interesting, life changing, challenging and emotionally keeping us up to standard that is happy and joyous. I had also other activities online, things like swimming, shopping as well as the art and craft. We will realise how all the above have mentioned have serious effects on a person's physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of the service user. ...read more.


To create a different environment shopping answers the question of being stressed and enhances self-esteem. This increase the thinking capacity of the service user, allowing them to use their imagination, creativity skills and intelligence to match and decide upon the things to shop and why they do what they are do. All of this could be fruitless as long as a person is not physically fit, willing and able to do so for as to achieve a great deal when it comes to fitness, going to swimming helps out as it satisfies physical development needs like gross and fine motor skills, the hand-eye coordination. This also promotes cardiovascular health, fitness, flexibility, stamina, improved sleep, relief of stress, relaxation and helps also develop muscles. All this helps out especially in a person with a learning disability in a way they will sometimes be stressed by the activities they are daily involved in, so something physical helps them out because at least they can exercise a bit. ...read more.


For our shopping we had to restrict ourselves to time and the money we had so that we do not overspend unnecessarily. The entire shopping list had to be done well before and the rough estimates were done as well. This helped to stick within our budget as l cited earlier on. On all my activities l had planned for my client there was a common answer that is happiness seen on the faces of the people and the most important one was from my client. I saw him portray a happy face, stress free and a happy person despite the times we had to go through sometimes. These included planning sometimes, trying to compromise and reach some final decision and agreeing upon all these sometimes was not that easy. I enjoyed this time, as l was kept busy on my toes trying to plan ahead and face up the challenges and step up to the play. ...read more.

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