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An investigation of legislation, services and provision involved in a selected case study.

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An investigation of legislation, services and provision involved in a selected case study Case study three addresses the problems of a child of mixed race named Sam. His family suffer the effects of many issues including neglect from inability to provide Sam with basic needs like food, warmth and short-term foster care, in which Sam has been in since the age of five due to his mother's long term depressive illness. Separation from siblings and ethnicity is a large issue for Sam and his family as he has been separated throughout his life and may possibly be living in foster care with others who are not his brothers and sisters. Ethnicity may become a problem in foster care also, as carers may need to provide personal requisites, leading to greater cost. Legislation has provided frameworks to integrate services and providers from official and voluntary sectors to co-ordinate support to families in these situations. Short-term foster care is designed for parents who haven't signed release forms for a child to be adopted. The aim is to return the child or young person to their own family as soon as possible. It can last from a few weeks to several months. While the child is with the foster family, they and their social worker may resolve any problems so they are able to return home. ...read more.


& Gardner, R. 1993) Voluntary agencies e.g. Save the Children relates newly identified needs or innovative ways of providing services. Their work provides health care, education and saving children from harm. Societies such as the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) were established in New York, London and Glasgow. It is one of the UK's leading charities and has statutory powers to take action if a child is being suspected of abuse. The NSPCC values are based upon the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. They include children being protected from violence or any form of exploitation. Every child must have someone to turn to, children are encouraged to fulfil their potential and responsibility must be taken to support, care and respect the children. (http://www.nspcc.org.uk/html/home/aboutus/aboutus.htm). NCH is one of the most UK's leading charities. More than 480 projects are worked on at any time with over 98,000 vulnerable children, young people and their families to ensure that they reach their full potential. (http://www.nch.org.uk/default.asp). Thorpe (1995) stated that child abuse should not be applied to neglect cases involving impoverished and stressed parents. Indicators of neglect include the growth and development of the child. E.g. is the child too small for their age or the general appearance? ...read more.


This support can either be materialistic or through support programmes. (Article 27 (1)). Previously support and services that are available are linked to the removal of the child from the home or having to appear in court. Now more help is offered e.g. family centres that look at adult's perspective, the orientation of the child and a variety of methods and activities that can help make a stable environment and resolve any problems at an earlier stage, (Burden, T. 1998). Parental responsibility with respect to the child whose parents are unmarried is exclusively with the mother. The family's responsibilities are being passed on to her partner and the social services due to their mother's long term depressive illness. Sam's mother is cohabiting with her partner. A solution to the family's problems could be a Family centre. These are embedded in the values and history of child-care provision. Cigno (1988) emphasises how the services of a family centre enable the adults and children to increase their skills and confidence, (Stones, Christine 1994). In conclusion there are many issues such as neglect, fostering, parental rights, mental illnesses and ethnicity which all contribute to the difficulties in both Sam and his families lives. Both international and national legislation such as the Children's Act and government services such as Social Services with additional opportunities from non governmental and voluntary institutions support the family and aid in the solution to these problems. ...read more.

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