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Care Value Base at Sherwoods Nursing Home.

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Aldersmead Upper Bognor Road Bognor Regis West Sussex PO21 1JA Hello and welcome to Sherwood's Nursing Home. We hope that this brochure gives you and you're relative's useful information for our care home. It is our aim to pursue joy and comfort whilst with us at Sherwood. We feel you can best achieve this if you view Sherwood Lodge Care Home as if it is your own and not just a place for you to be taken care of and you and/or you're relatives take an active part in the planning and decisions that affect you're individual needs. We value all clients of are lodge and all their preferences come first. We all hope we will all grow older graciously and have the best of health. However, if we do enter into care it is necessary to retain a persons dignity and as much independence as possible according to an individuals health. Everything above is the targets that we set within Sherwood's Nursing Home to enable us to offer you and you're relatives the best possible service threw you're time with us. ...read more.


Treated in a dignified way: The dignity in care which is needed to meet individual needs is recognised within Sherwood's Nursing Home. The key to make sure these needs are met it 'The Governments ten dignity challenges'. This ensures that our staff and residents understand what service needs to be provided to meet the requirements of dignity in care. Able to communicate using their preferred methods of communication and language: Sherwood's Nursing Home accepts all religious within the British multicultural society that surrounds us. We have link's to most churches in are area and religious organisations and your own Priest/Minister/Religious Leader is welcome to come to the home and visit you or, if organised a member of you're family or a friend could take you to a religious service but should inform a senior member of staff before doing so. Cared for in a way that meets their needs: For example, if a doctor prescribes medication for a client then it is important as a key worker you will keep it and will give it you at prescribed times. ...read more.


All clients have the choice of their: clothing, meals, whether they practise their religion, activities, furniture and pictures in their room. Staffs understand whether they feel you are making the right choice or not that they should not get involved and that their job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible and to achieve this goal we feel we need to work together. We believe that each client within the care home is unique and should be treated as an individual. We want not only to achieve the comfort of you in the home but also we want you to feel like this is you're home. I take a lot of pride in running the nursing home and if none of the above is being followed action will be taken. Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this leaflet and I hope to see you or you're relatives as prospectors soon so you can see the caring home first hand and become part of the loving environment we provide. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nichole Murphy Health and Social Care ...read more.

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