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Childhood and Innocence

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Assignment 3A Childhood and Innocence Journal Entry 1 Childhood is a time of innocence and impracticality. It's a time of discovery where anything can seem possible and when the troubles of the world have no impact on a child. Throughout the course of growth, the later part of childhood becomes a state in which a child starts to see things in a more realistic view and with these realizations, fears might arise. Childhood memories can be united as identified happiness. Within a memory of a child there is only one perspective in which an adolescent may view things. Assignment four entitled Childhood Memories and Personal Writing allowed me to reflect on personal experiences and to explore some personal beliefs and morals. For this assignment I read three personal essays describing childhood memories. I then had to write my own personal essay detailing a memory from my childhood and make it come alive. I decided to write about my life as a child knowing the intention of every hour, minute or second that someone, somewhere became absent from our humanity. ...read more.


I call them parental ghosts because it almost seemed like they never cared about their youngster, and that aggravates me to high degrees. I then had to ask myself why some children look for praise and acceptance. I had no answer, but to look back on my childhood for a second time. As a child and throughout this assignment, I was able to experience, not only my little hearts outburst but other youngsters as well. I was the type of child who never really cared about being accepted; I just wanted to have excitement because that was something I could never really do, as you have heard me say before. But those other children were sometimes ones who were motivated to act in an extreme matter, to achieve acceptance and happiness among their gentle souls. In my instance, I feet confident enough, that acceptance was not a primary concern to me. I also learnt that those who are not concerned, like I was, dare to go against others and embrace their individuality creating their own sense of pride and acceptance. ...read more.


Some are afraid to love back. To be abandoned. When they do not realize they abandoned themselves, they abandoned their children. They hurt them. That's my answer to parental ghosts. During this assignment I also wrote a journal entry from the child who was being abused and allowed him/her to talk about their sufferings. I made sure that they knew that they could persevere because not only his/her body and heart have undergone this torture, but so did others. I made it clear that the child would not fall into depths of despair and that everything they go through would only make them stronger. The role a parent has with a child can have a significant influence on the improvement of the child and it becomes a complex part of the fabric that is woven into the individual as they develop into adolescence and adulthood. Within a memory of a child there is only one perspective in which an adolescent may view things. So in the midst of my words, the teachings of an instructor and the learning of a student, I declare my life. I declare my childhood and innocence. ...read more.

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