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In school statement.

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Doron Hershkorn 11w1 In school statement I joined J.F.S in September 1998; throughout the years I have really enjoyed my time at the school and will hopefully stay for the sixth form. The subjects I particularly like and show great interest in are English, math's, Jewish studies and P.E. these subjects I find very interesting and I think I am generally good at the subject, I'm in set two for English and did very well in my mocks so hopefully I will do the same in June this year for my real GCSE, I also did remarkably well in math's and Jewish studies and again hope to do well in June this year. ...read more.


I have also received a certificate on prize day in year 10 for excellent progress in science which I am very proud about and I received a prize in prize day in year 9 for excellent contribution towards a school project on the years of the school in Camden town. The award I was given for contribution to a school project "the years in Camden" is something I'm honored and proud to have attained. The project was a summary of the schools years in Camden, the project included interviews with all the heads of subjects, the heads of year and the heads of the school, the project took a number of months of extra work through break and lunch time but the final result shows it really paid off, I enjoyed this project very much it bought me closer to my school and some of the facts I learnt are really amazing. ...read more.


I have also taken part in some charity work at J.F.S I have helped the charity cause of "Magen David Adom" which is the Israeli ambulance service. And I have taken a big part joint with my friends in putting a petition to stop Palestinians teaching the young to learn to hate Jews. We reached over 500 votes in a matter of three days. Throughout my years at J.F.S I feel I have taken part in as many activities as possible and have tried to help the school as much as possible and when I can and I will carry on to do so as long as I am in the school, I feel that this is very important. 1 ...read more.

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