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nutritional health

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Nutritional health Nutritional health means being healthy, eating the right balance of food and doing enough exercise to maintain your weight. What you eat can also affect how you feel, think, concentrate, your immune system and resistance to serious diseases. To stay healthy and sustain your weight and health as an adult you should eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Eat 2000 calories, 45-55 grams of protein, plenty of unrefined carbs, 70 grams of fat and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. The nutritional guidelines say that you should; � Enjoy your food � Eat a variety of different foods � Eat the right amount for a healthy weight � Eat plenty of foods rich in starch and fibre � Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables � Do not eat too ...read more.


Vitamin RDA Why you need it What happens if you are deficient A 700 micrograms Keeps the eyes healthy Impaired vision B 1.5 micrograms Increases metabolism Maintains healthy skin and muscle tone Enhance immune system Promote cell growth and division You may become anaemic and suffer other side affects as depression, confusion, forgetfulness and palpitations. C 90 milligrams Helps protect cells and keeps them healthy Helps the body absorb iron from food Can cause scurvy if you do not eat enough. D 200-400 IU Helps absorb calcium from the intestine Maintains blood levels of calcium May reduce the risk of colon & breast cancer and the risk of arthritis Osteomalacia in adults and deformed bones characteristics of rickets. ...read more.


Eating out- this may affect a persons food choice as they may think that they can just have a treat, which is fine, however if they are eating out all the time they will gain weight. They will not be able to tell what exactly is in their food and may go over on calories, fat and salt intake. Smoking and drinking- drinking affects peoples eating habits as most people will get a pizza or kebab on they way home from a club. Smoking affects peoples eating habits as they often replace food with a cigarette, this may cause them to become under nourished. Age- this might affect a person's food choice, as young people like to eat junk foods and drink a lot of alcohol. Older people often skip meals, which could make them malnourished. Teagan Nixon Unit 21 Claire Dejonge ...read more.

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