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Pressures a family has to deal with

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In this booklet I am going to tell you about three different pressures a family may have to deal with through every day life. I am also going to tell you about three different organisations for each 1. Private: - where a service e.g. solicitor works with the families and which take no sides. 2. Statutory: - where a service is set up by the government or run by the government or local authority. 3. Voluntary: - where someone sets up an organisation which makes no profit its only goal is to help people and their families. These will help eradicate the problems families face RACIAL DISCRIMINATION Racial discrimination can cause pressure on a family as prejudices and intolerance, stereotyping and scapegoat, are still part of some peoples every day life especially the ethnic minority families. The ethnic minorities are more likely to be found in low status, low paid jobs with less chance of promotion and more shift work. Racial harassment and attacks have risen in the UK and some attacks resulting in death. Racial attacks are devastating for a family and individuals but the police are introducing programs to counteract racism. Trade unions are private organisations which help people, who are a member, with different issues including racial discrimination. ...read more.


Social security benefit is available to all who has contributed towards National Insurance through employment. The social security benefit is means tested which means that once you earn under a certain level of income you are entitled to claim. Loan companies are a private service which offer a way out of people's poverty by lending them money. The problem with loan companies are that the money loaned to the family has to be paid back and sometimes with lots of interest put on the top. This means that whilst the loan pulls the family out of poverty for a short period it could put the family back in the same situation again and just add to a debt problem. The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is a voluntary service which will help deal with poverty among children and their families. The CPAG 'work to ensure that those on low income get their full entitlement of welfare benefits' (www.cpag.org.uk). They also campaign to improve benefits and politics for low income families in order to eradicate poverty. HOMELESSNESS There is a national shortage of accommodation at affordable prices. This was due to the conservative government in 1980's to let council tenants buy their houses. Although the council has a legal duty to accommodate homeless families the shortage of homes mean that an increasing number of families are placed in bed and breakfast hotels which are unsuitable for families. ...read more.


UN Convention of the rights of the child The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child is a piece of legislation that applies to all children under the age of 18. Children are entitled to have human rights like food, health care, a safe home and protection from abuse. Children are a special case because they cannot stand up for themselves. They need a 'special set of rights' which take into account of their vulnerability, so that adults take care of them properly. It spells out the basic rights of the children everywhere in the world, which are:- * to survival, * right to be with their family, * free education, * Free health care, * not be used as cheap workers or soldiers, * disabled children have the right to special care and training, * live in adequate housing, * have enough food and clean water, * develop to their full potential, * to be protected from harm, abuse and not to be exploited, * to be able to participate fully in family and social life, * to express and have their views taken into account on all matters that affect them * to play, rest and enjoy leisure. These important rights were signed by almost every country in the world. ...read more.

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