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Self-Concept Self-esteem and Self-image * Self-concept: the whole set of attitudes, opinions and cognitions that a person has of them. * Self-esteem: a high opinion of oneself. * Self-image: one's own idea of oneself or sense of one's worth. Self-concept is valuable these are causes why: * The way we see ourselves inspires and encourages us to do things, or sometimes stop us from doing things, e.g. is we may feel that we are going to fail in exams there is a possibility you will if you think that way. * The way we communicate may give us confidants or make us feel nervous, worried or uneasy when approached by others. * They way we view ourselves can indicate that we have knowledge cheerfulness and delight or sadness and misery from life experiences * If we feel good about ourselves that may lead us to brighter futures and an enjoyable life, or it may lead to dilemma and problems in managing or surviving in life. ...read more.


Gender Basic matters such as sexual characteristics and civilization will be most important reasons why a person creates a self-image. Most people arrive at a specific age which they start to decide that they do not like or feel comfortable in the gender that they are. For examples: homosexuals. Culture and Socialisation People produce an icon of themselves based on information obtainable in their background. People have diverse traditions and ways of thinking, this consist of the following: * Different beliefs about food, an example would be that most Hindus do not eat beef as well as Muslims and Jewish people don't eat pork and Buddhists are vegetarian. * Different beliefs about education, e.g. some families or neighbourhoods feel that educational accomplishment does not mean anything in life whereas some people think it is very important * Different beliefs about behaviour, e.g. some people highlight the consequences of keeping on task and never are late and always organised. ...read more.


Education Learning success may manipulate a person's self-esteem. Later in life we experience life at college and university, this also verifies change and what we think about ourselves and others, having a good education may let students have easy access to a well-paid job. Emotional health and well-being Poor emotional health may produce trouble with self-concept. The way we see ourselves is influenced by our school. But later on in life we may experience change in the way we see ourselves for the reason that we have different college and university friends. Environment The area we live in may persuade us to see ourselves in a different way, e.g. we may feel that we are different from people who receive good income and receive good quality education and health. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC First Health and Social Care Level 2 Unit 6: Human Lifespan Development (P3 & M3) Page 1 By Catia Sofia Handem Serrado ...read more.

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