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The Parent.

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Hayley Kelly The Parent Parent pacing up and down the living room clenching hold of the phone. Parent: I'm here yet again, waiting until my daughter returns home; I have no indication of what time she will return home or where she is. She says that she is old enough to look after herself, but if I didn't welcome her back home tonight then she just wouldn't be able to cope. Children these days think they can over rule their parents curfew, when all we want is what is best for them, going out and coming in whenever isn't the answer, children can be so inconsiderate and I am sure they do this kind of thing on purpose, well the way my daughter stormed out of the house tonight I would be surprised if she does come back. I do love my daughter and maybe I have a funny way of showing it, but its so hard to try and communicate with her, its like we have only just met and I am not sure why this is, when I know I try my hardest to try and get through to her. ...read more.


no matter what the circumstances are, but if she caries on like this and in the future when she does need me, I wont be there, because that's the way she wants it, if she wants to be treated as an adult fair enough. nough. Parent thinking of what to do when her daughter returns, running her fingers gently through her hair. When she does get in its like a game, who can get the highest points out of arguing, and to be honest its really pathetic, I do stop the arguing but then she says something that starts me off again, then it turns into foul language, or she says more rather than simple straight answers. This time its serious, this has really got to stop! Parent still sitting in the same place as before and then hears a big bang Parent: Where the hek have you been, and what time do you call this?! Child: I don't need a lecture right now...so shut up! Parent: Well your going to get one, and don't ever talk to me like that again! ...read more.


Child: well you expect me in too early; I am not 10 years old you know! I'm sure by now you should be able to trust me. Parent: Actually that's the problem I am not sure whether I can trust you. Child: Just deal with it I have a life and most of it doesn't involve you, that's the way it is and that's the way its going to be and that's the way its going to stay! Parent: some people you can never compromise with, especially you! You have to be the most irritating child and the most awkward child that I know of! Child: I may be irritating but at least I know what the word 'fun' is, some word you are obviously not familiar with. Parent: I do have fun, but I know how far to push it, and you just don't know when to stop, I've had enough we will talk about it in the morning when you are a bit less fragile and more mature shall we? Child: Cant wait! Night Parent: Night Both go off to bed, of course not quietly, music is straight on full blast. ...read more.

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