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Theories of learning. Jean Piaget. As I provide the support to the the child to achieve new skills I am providing with the scaffolding and so the child ability increase my involvement decreases

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Jean Piaget believed that a child was active learners in there own individual learning and that this learning occurred thought stages and sequences. Which he suggested were -? The sensori mtotor stage - 0 -2 years Developing operations - 2 - 7 years Convrete operation - 7 - 11 years Formal operations - 11-15 years As he looked at these stages he spoke about a child's increasing their own intelligence of which he suggested as being plastic. ...read more.


Jean piaget theory emphasized intellectual, cognitive development and learning. His theory is therefore often referred to as constructive. Jermone bruner also agreed with this thinking as the child being an active learner in there development. He also placed emphasis upon the importance an adult has on increasing a child learning and development. He often referred to this as being part of a building. As I provide the support to the the child to achieve new skills I am providing with the scaffolding and so the child ability increase ...read more.


I am able to achieve this as I always carry out observations and assessments to evaluate the children's interests, needs and abilities. Lev Vygotsky's theory also stated the importance os support from an adult in helping the child to develop there skills. He believe that if a child were provided with the help and support to complete a task (which he called zone potential development) then the child would at a late date would be able to complete individually (which he called zone actual development) In my working practice I extend the child learning and nurture this potential through providing many different opportunities for play. ...read more.

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