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What factors might give rise to communication barriers between service users and service providers?

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´╗┐Communication Barriers Slang When a service user uses language that not everyone uses for example if they are from a different area when they use slang words it may be difficult for other service provider to understand what they are trying to say. You can overcome this by not using any slang words because some people may find it offending for example you can write what you are trying to say so that they may understand or use picture for instance. Distress If a service user is crying hysterically there may have their head down so it will be difficult to communicate with them to overcome this you need to try and calm them down and make eye contact with them. ...read more.


Emotional Difficulties People have different emotional difficulties at times and may be very upset for example if you hear some bad news and you are at a hospital then the doctor tries to explain something to you and you do not hear what they are saying to you this may lead to misunderstandings. This can be overcome for example if the doctor asks what the matter is and try to talk calmly and politely the service user might be willing to tell the doctor about what troubling them and will feel that the doctor is interested in their situation. Foreign Languages Foreign languages it is one of the barriers for example if you are working at a service centre and you have to work with a service user who speak a different language it may be hard to understand that they are saying. ...read more.


screen and the light is bright they may be distracted and for example the doctor could give the wrong records because he can?t see the screen clearer You can overcome it by having the blind close so the doctor can see properly or you can move the computer away from the window. Disability Health Is a barrier because if you are working at a service centre with someone who a disability for example someone who blind or deaf it may be hard to communicate but you can still overcome this for example if a person is deaf you can use sign language etc. Jargon Is one of the communication barriers for instance you are at the hospital and the service provider uses technical language to explain something you may find it hard to understand. ...read more.

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