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Youth Employment

Free essay example:

Jade Hannah - Year 10 – PSHE

Youth Employment

Wilf: - Accurate and informed responses-write in prose

1|What is the definition of youth employment?

Employment rights in the UK differ by age, with younger workers afforded extra protections, depending on their age. There are restrictions too though, with the youngest prohibited from doing certain jobs, and other conditions like lower minimum wage rates.

2| Are young people entitled to more rest breaks than adults- give details?

The rest breaks provided under the Working Time Regulations for young workers aged 16 and 17 are more generous and rather more frequent than for adult workers.  The law provides for an uninterrupted break of at least thirty minutes for young workers who work for four and a half hours or more.

3| Is night work allowable for youth employees?

There are special rules for young workers aged 16 and 17. Young workers may not ordinarily work at night between 10pm and 6am, or between 11pm and 7am if the contract of employment provides for work after 10pm. However, exceptions apply in particular circumstances in the case of certain kinds of employment, as set out below.

Young workers may work throughout the night if they are employed in:

*Hospitals or similar establishments





4| What is the basic hourly rate of pay for those employees who are:

18: There is a lower hourly national minimum wage, which applies to workers at the age of 18 and applies until they reach the age of 22. It is currently £4.45 per hour.

16-17: A new rate was introduced in October 2004, extending minimum wage protection for the first time to 16-17 year olds. This starts at £3.30 per hour.

5| Do employees have special responsibilities for young people?

Before recruiting a young worker, employers have to assess the risks to their health and suitability of the proposed work. This means taking into account the lack of experience, maturity and risk awareness of young workers.

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