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"America-Sweet Land of Liberty"

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"America-Sweet Land of Liberty" Amy Gladd 172 Queen Junction Rd Butler, PA 16001 (724) 637 3173 165 70 0515 Herold J. Thompson American Legion Post 243 West Sunbury, PA 16061 Carl and Sara Gladd "America-Sweet Land of Liberty" Many Americans have different views on liberty. The definition of liberty is freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream of liberty for all ethnic races to millions. John F. Kennedy believed free America needed to help the poor and unite nations. Lastly, Martin Luther took advantage of his freedoms and told the Catholic church all of its' faults. These three men expressed their views on liberty in unique ways. Martin Luther King, Jr., a son of a preacher man grew up to be regarded as one of the greatest leaders and heroes in American history. ...read more.


He felt Americans needed to use their freedoms to do great things, not just be thankful they have them. Pres. Kennedy's heart longed for the nation of America to grab hold of the reigns of their freedom and take it to the extreme. The extreme would be to feed the hungry, help those in poverty fight their way out of it, and make peace in the world more often than war. He believed Americans should of done these hospitable things not to of made people like the United States or other political reasons, but because it was the right thing to do. The extreme Jesus freak, Martin Luther, used his freedom of the press. He exercised this freedom by writing down all of the flaws in the Catholic Church down on a piece of paper and nailed it to the front oak doors of his Catholic Church. ...read more.


Liberty is freedom to do whatever you feel like doing without offending someone too badly. It's the ability to be born into a poverty stricken family but have chances to make something of yourself without being held back by your last name. It's the ability to go to a Christian rock concert and scream so loud your tonsils are swollen the next two days. Also to do this with out the possibility of getting shot for acting out for God. Liberty is making right decisions and learning from your failures. Liberty is the strong standing copper woman on Ellis Island with torch in hand. Liberty isn't just about giving emotional speeches, hanging out with friends, or even nailing the truth to expensing oak doors, liberty is about being real and always being promised your rights to do the right thing. ...read more.

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