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An Estate Agent's Guide To A Roman Villa

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´╗┐This is a beautiful house is not worth missing! This massive house is a bit pricy. Here is what?s included! This beautiful house includes these slaves: II general household slave This slave can clean your house, serve your table II personal slaves This slave looks after all your personal needs such as dressing you and sorting hair. II doormen These slaves are usually large. They tend to be outside a villa to keep away unwelcome visitors II tutors These rare slaves are often Greeks and can read and write and teach you?re young. ...read more.


II Musicians These will play your favourite music at parties! What?s included in this house. Porch This is the first thing your guests will see! They need to be impressed. Perystilium This is so that when you walk through the house, you don?t get wet. Atrium This is a meeting area to meet the master of the house Vestibullum This is the place where your slaves give food and drinks to visitors. Tablinum This is the study this is like the heart of the house with all work taking place in here. ...read more.


Triclinium This is the dining room they eat lying down. Praefururnium This where the cooks bake things Apodyterium This is a changing room where you put on your cloths. Cubiculum These are small rooms for any use at all Slaves? quarters This is where slaves eat and sleep Garden This is where you can relax and listen to the birds sing. Exedra Where you can sit and relax and watch the garden. Extras Mosaic This is a painting for deco Fresco This is a painting for deco Lararium This is a spiritual house shrine for rich famileys Hypocaust Underfloor heating Fountain Shows how rich you are Statue Shows wealth! The floor plan By Nicole Robinson ...read more.

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