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Basic Rights

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Blake Evans Problem analysis and solution 7/23/2002 COLL147 Problem Analysis and Solution When the Declaration of Independence was written over 200 years ago we called ourselves free. Then came the issue with black people being slaves. Then after Abraham L. signed the emancipation proclamation, we again called ourselves free. But then women were banned from voting, after that was fixed we once again call ourselves free. But one minority still is not and they are America's young adults. The problem is that youth in America have fewer rights than adults and have their rights violated more often. They are violated more because children for one don't know many rights they have and two, they can't stand up to it. Most of these right violations occur within the public school system. Although there are many others driving and curfews are a couple. On Jan. 7 1998 judge sentenced a 14-year old person who admitted to firing a gun at his principal to 19 years in prison, which is the maximum sentence for attempted murder. Prosecutors said that the person shot a .22 caliber pistol at the principal at the beginning of the school day. ...read more.


Putting the 14th amendment and the 1st amendment together you can come to the conclusion that curfews are unconstitutional. Curfew laws are reminiscent of these dark days in our country, days that were filled with hate and injustice. But young adults in America can fight back. If you are ticketed you have a right to have a trail and you can present him/her with the information above to prove that these laws are unconstitutional. As a backup plan you can wear stickers obtained at theses locations: http://www.libertarianrock.com/acrobat/repeal_sticker.pdf http://www.libertarianrock.com/acrobat/hanging_sticker.pdf While wearing these stickers you are technically consider a protesting citizens which entitles you to more rights one of which is to peacefully assemble and if a cop tickets you, you have two right violations to tell the judge about. Parents and the government always complain when young adults get in car wreaks. They say if the driving limit was raised this child would not have been hurt or killed. Comparing youth with people starting to learn how to drive is a faulty analogy. Deaths occur because people are not good enough at driving not because they are "ill responsible kids." ...read more.


"This is a big leap for students free speech rights," said Rick after the trial. Sometimes the schools are just foolish in their attempt to halt students learning process as a student in Evans, Georgia learned. The student was suspended from school after wearing a Pepsi T-shirt on Coke day, an event created by school officials who wanted to win a $500 contest run by the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. The principal suspended the student because the student was "showing disrespect." School is supposed to be a place where you learn how to think, not what to think. This event shows you that the government will not allow different viewpoints. Students are brought into the school system at an early age to guarantee that they instantly adopt the government's opinions on every topic. Any original thoughts or actions will result in a lower grade or, if necessary, a suspension. Young adults in America are fighting a war, a war on there basic rights being violated. This war can be won just like all the other injustices in the past were won, but it takes involvement. Only you can protect your rights and your children rights because maybe if children allow it long enough it may spread to the adults. ...read more.

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