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Civil Rights Sources Questions

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By Richard Morgan Source A: Sources A shows two Black Americans standing in front on a building with two signs saying "Register To Vote" and "Register Now For Freedom Now," also one of the pictures contains a Police officer (White American) removing them for the scene. The Source is from Alabama in 1963 and is therefore a primary source; however two pictures in this source could have been stage to be used as evidence for the Black Americans trying to vote. Also this may not have been the story everywhere, in the north of America Black people where aloud to vote freely in most areas. Therefore this is a reliable source as evidence about the difficulties facing black protestors in the 1960s because it shows clearly two protestors being removed from the scene and stopping there rights. However this is not reliable evidence because this was not the situation all over the continent. Source B: Source B is an account of a single event from a book called "Freedom Ride" by James Peck in 1962, so this is a primary source because it was from the time and written a year after the events really happened. ...read more.


In this source we see why King and his followers had great success in non-violent action, and therefore would like to continue this. However this was not the feeling of every one that wanted Civil rights for Black Americans, they felt they should retaliate against the white Americans in the same way they had been attacked with violence. (Seen below). Source F is an extract from a speech made by James Forman in April 1969 and is therefore a primary source, in this speech Forman says that black people are "no longer afraid to demand our full rights." Forman ends saying that "by force and power that we will win." So in this source James Forman sees the success of the non-violent action but says that force must be used, however thing is not the view of all the black protester of time as seen above. Therefore Source E & F are helpful in understanding why blacks disagreed amongst themselves about the best way to try and again equal rights, because as seen in source E King and his group want to be peaceful and encourage this sort of protest. ...read more.


Source D is a picture of the Civil Rights march on Washington in 1963, it is a primary source showing a number of black protesters with signs saying things like "Jobs for all NOW" and "an end to Police brutality NOW". So this source is helpful because it shows what they black protesters wanted and why they where protesters, it also shows the number of people that wanted this to be done. However because this is a photo it could have been staged for the propose of propaganda, also this may not be the feels of all the black Americans, although it is known that most if not all black Americans did wan the Civil Rights. Therefore these two sources are helpful to an historian studying the Civil Rights movements in the 1960s because it shows the feelings of the protester and what they did to get there goals. However this is not the overall feels of Black population, and one of the sources (Source D) could have been staged and therefore not a reliable piece of evidence. ?? ?? ?? ?? Richard Morgan ...read more.

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