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Courses of WW1

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Courses of World War One On the 28th of July 1914 a war broke out which involved Europe's biggest countries including Britain, France and Germany. They were all involved some way or another due to them being connected which ended up with several reasons why the war started and why these countries got involved. The reasons I'm going to discuss are the alliance system, the Military Rivalry, War Plans, the Colonial Rivalry and Nationalism and show you how they connected. Alliance System In Triple Alliance also known as the central powers were made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. Each country promised to support each other if any of these countries got attacked by great powers such as France and Britain. In 1870 France lost the Franco-Prussian war which meant France lost Alsace Lorraine which made them upset. They wanted to protect this land so they created an alliance with Austria Hungary. Germany wanted a bigger navy and a bigger empire and thought this would get them this. Austria-Hungary was made up of different states, different cultures and languages which made it hard to rule. ...read more.


They thought Russia would be slow to attack them. Austria-Hungary relied on the Schlieffen Plan and thought Russia would be defeated. The Schlieffen plan relied on speed so if it was delayed it would have lead to failure. Russia was badly equipped but they had a huge army. They relied on having a bigger army to overwhelm the Germans. France created something called plan 17. It was to capture Alsace Lorraine which they lost to the Germans. They had a well equipped army. Plan 17 was to not wait for the Germans to attack and attack Germany in their own land. It was similar to the Schlieffen Plan. The British had the B.E.F. It stood for the British Expeditionary Force. There plan was to send 150,000 well equipped and trained men to France quickly and immediately. Colonial Rivalry In 1905 the French had plans to take control over Morocco. Kaiser Wilhelm II made a speech supporting the independence for Morocco. These lies made France angry. Then in 1906 there was an international conference which was help in Algeciras. Other countries ignored the views of the Germans which left Kaiser bitter and humiliated by France as France and Britain stuck together. ...read more.


He died shortly after. How Everything Linked Up The assassination of Franz Ferdinand caused Austria-Hungary to start a war with Serbia. Serbia's allies Russia would defend them and start a war with Austria-Hungary. Germany then would help Austria-Hungary which would of lead to Britain and France helping Russia. This tells us that the trigger event was linked up with the alliance system. The colonial Rivalry linked up with the alliance system. When Germany wag humiliated it caused them to form an alliance with two of Europe's strongest countries. Why Did WWI Begin People say that the war began when Franz Ferdinand was killed but I think different. I think that just made it worse. The tension rose in this rivalry when the alliances were made and from then onwards it just got worst. In my opinion if he didn't die there would of still of been a war. The tension kept rising after the alliances were made after the countries started making war plans, and due to the Military Rivalry. I think the colonial rivalry just made it even worse as Germany got humiliated and they wanted revenge on Britain and France. Frances desire to get Alsace-Lorraine would of cause a war as they wanted it back and when Franz Ferdinand dies all these countries got dragged in due to the Alliance System. ...read more.

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