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Describe the disadvantages that Black Americans faced in the early 1950’s.

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Describe the disadvantages that Black Americans faced in the early 1950's. I believe that behind each discriminatory product that affected the Black American in the early 1950's, was an underlying criterion for abuse from which stemmed some part of all the other disadvantages. The political voting rights of blacks in the early 1950's were one of the main barriers to social change. Without the chance to support a government that was likely to back their demands, the Civil Rights movement was always going to lack in one of the fundamental requirements of revolution. With little chance to vote and hence next to no government support, it was easy for white oppressors to get away with the excuse that they ...read more.


Because of the inadequate education system and the fact that it was hard for black people to get jobs meant that many of the population lived in poverty and were usually confined to inadequate housing in the poorer parts of the cities (areas which were later known as the 'ghettos'). It was no wonder that they had inferior health services and infant mortality rates were twice as high as those in the white community. Even in the armed forces, an environment which was expected to be the most unified of any, blacks were discriminated against and 'all black units' were set up to make sure they did not mix with other soldiers. ...read more.


Local people raised money to pay for their defence and it took just one hour for the all-white jury to find them not guilty. Social segregation in schooling, dining, public transport and housing was commonplace in the early 1950's, but white oppressionists never recognized the unfairness of this situation. It was not until people began to react to the system that action was slowly enforced. Examples of this were: Schooling- Little Rock; Public Transport- The Montgomery Bus Boycott; Dining: Student sit-ins. All of these public movements showed the lurching activists that it was time to take control, and head towards equality for all. But not all movement leaders had the same approaches. __________________________ ...read more.

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